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10 Days To Christmas: What will you be doing for the Holidays?

Well here we are … with 10 days to go until Christmas day.

What are you planning for the holidays?

How will you be celebrating Christmas?

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, how will you be spending the holidays?

What holiday traditions are popular in the area where you live?

Do you remember what Christmas and the holidays where like when living in Saigon?

How did you and your family celebrate the holidays in Saigon?

What do you remember most about the holidays while in Saigon?

What are your most memorable holiday experiences from Saigon?

What do you remember most about holiday celebrations at ACS?

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Happy Holidays!    🙂


3 comments to 10 Days To Christmas: What will you be doing for the Holidays?

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Just finished organizing, shopping, and putting together clothing and shoes for 83 children of farmworkers in Dade City, Florida. We also helped two old homeless men who help at Farmworkers Self-Help, Inc.

    I organize an interdenominational Christmas program working with three churches in Citrus County where our focus is to help bring joy and care to these children living in desperate situations in desperate times.

    Last week we loaded three large vehicles and caravaned the bags of stuff.

    I am now free to prepare for Christmas with trimming, decking, and fa-la-laing. My daughter and granddaughter are coming to visit us for a week. Since the weather has been in the 80sF, I expect there will belot of water play before they return to Columbus, Ohio.

    Christmas in Saigon–I remember the Christmas Open House in December 1963 where I played flute in the band with all those high school teens under the direction of Jackie Shaffer. I was a lowly 7th grader. I remember performing “The Christmas Carol” and playing Martha Cratchett. I remember the cookies, punch, and coffee served in laughter during the open house, while outside in the streets danger lurked under the guise of innocent bicycles and fruit stuffed with plastic explosives.

    I remember a candle light service held on Christmas Eve on the wide white porch of the Baptist mission, a soft breeze gently blowing the wavering candles in the night air. I remember crying because the peace on earth good will to men would not last in the morning light.

  • Admin


    Thank you for your wonderful comments.

    Bless you for all you and your group are doing to bring love and joy to those who are less fortunate … and sharing the Christmas Spirit with them.

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Christmas in Saigon. I bet your flute music was beautiful as it filled those listening with loving thoughts of Christmas.

    May you and yours enjoy a very wonderful holiday season filled with peace, love and joy.

    Again, thank you for your kindness and carrying for those less fortunate.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    No, Bob my flute music wasn’t beautiful, but Lynn Ahlgren’s was because she was such a good musician. Her patience and kindness helped ease the fears I had playing with such an experienced group. I first learned to play in 1962 with a state-sponsored music program in New Jersey. There were three music teachers/band directors in the Raritan school district, and I think we learned our instruments through the Professor Harold Hill think method made famous in “The Music Man.”

    That aside, thanks for the kind words! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

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