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Ralph says …

Randy – Haven’t seen or heard from you since we got back. I use to go by the name of Ree, or R.E. depending on who you listened to. Great to see some of the old names I remember from those days. I’m still in Williamsburg, Virginia – got all my traveling done in my early years I guess, looking forward to all the news about everyone in the ’63 Geiko.

8 comments to Ralph says …

  • Admin

    Hello Raplh … welcome to the Blogosphere! 🙂

    I see you are in Williamsburg, VA … I used to live in Culpeper County, VA.

    Maile was looking for you yesterday. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you here.

    Have a fantastic day!


  • Ralph Johnston

    Thanks Bob
    Lived most of my life in Virginia, before our overseas travel with the family. Then I went in the Army and got to see Southeast Asia in a different perspective. We travel up your way to Roanoke every year for a golf tournament in June, great area.
    Looking forward to a large group joining the blog, and the newsleter. Memory is not as good as it use to be, but it’s funny how fondly I remember my days in Saigon. Guess it left an impression on many of us, but then we were at an impressional age.

  • Maile Doyle

    Gosh, I guess I should have read this before I asked you about Williamsburg. My niece is the interim Dean of Students at the College of William and Mary and her husband teaches high school history and government, Richard and Ginger Ambler. If you run across them, tell them of our connection.

  • Ken

    Hello Ralph, don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you (extends hand for a shake). Welcome to Bob’s Blog. Ken

  • Randy Seely

    R.E…Ralph! Wow, nice to see you’re still alive and well! I was going thru the Gecko one day, googling names like crazy, just wondering if anyone would pop up. I’d remembered you were from the Williamsburg area…as a matter of fact, didn’t you mention once you’d worked in Old W’burg? Nice to hear from you…I’m sure we’ll all have fun reminiscing about things ‘back in the day.’ Regards! Randy

  • aliceahlgren

    RE “Solid Gold Cadillac” Johnston,

    Wow! Remember me? I still have my 1963 Gecko and have spoken with Maile this weekend. What have you been up to all these years?

  • Ken Berger

    RE: Remember me? Glad to hear from old friends. Latest Gecko I have is the 1964 version. Glad to see the names of some of the old gang. Ken Berger

  • Ralph Johnston

    Alice, who could forget you? Ken as well. Went into the Army in 66 spent 4 years between Thailand and back to Vietnam, got a very different perspective the second time around. Got out of the Army used the GI bill to go back to school and graduated from William and Mary in ’73. Got married to a wonderful woman (Shirley) who’s put up with me for 36 years, have one son 33 married and living in Boone, NC. Have had a great life (so far – it ain’t over yet) and I wish the same for all my ACHS friends. It’s great to see so many people who remember those days in Saigon, hope your memories are as fond as mine. Ree

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