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Mimi says … Salut les copains

Salut les copains, hello there, friends from my delightfull adolescence! I Have reconnected with some of you already, and now, new names which bring new memories…namely Bob, who was immortalized dancing a slow with me, at one of our numerous “surprise- partie”. Thanks Bob for the blog, it is a great idea.

You asked for suggestions to name your newsletter. As it seems that so many of you have kept an indelibile taste for ” Ba muoi Ba”, I submit the ” 33 weekly”. lol.

Has anyone heard of Jim Wilkes? He left in 60 I think?

So long guys…Michele (mimi)

10 comments to Mimi says … Salut les copains

  • Ken

    Boo Hoo, who is Mimi? Before me? After me? Last or full name please…I’m terribly curious.

    I thing the idea of 33 Weekly is great. Good suggeetion. Ken

  • Admin

    Ken … how could you forget “Mimi” … go here and your recall will return … lol …

    Pictures #6 thru #10 and #56 …

    *shakes head and passes Ken a Ba Muoi Ba* lol 🙂


  • Mimi

    Sorry Ken…I seldom put my full name on blogs, too easy nowadays to googlize a name and I hate the idea that anyone could read what I write.
    I left Saigon July 62.

    Someone mentions the pbm with hotels in HCM being all booked up for next year. Probable that they are reserved by tour operators and that the easiest way to book is through them.(it’s called full employement policy!)

    I still don’t know whether I’ll make it or not to the reunion. Too afraid to confront the new VN to my old memories! The death blow was when I saw high rise hotels on a picture of Cap-St-Jacques, which used to be the loveliest quiet little city by the sea that you could tour in 15 mn in a horse drawn carriage. I think I am getting less adaptable with age…lol


  • Admin

    Awwww Mimi … such fond memories they are … surprise parties … slow dancing 🙂 … and … 🙂 Cap-St-Jacques by the sea 🙂 … cherished memories from the back pages of my mind 🙂 I still remember the first visit to Cap-St-Jacques and the cozy little hotel on the beach. It seems like just yesterday … savoring the beauty, tranquility and peacefulness of Cap-St-Jacques by the sea. Somewhere stored away in boxes and boxes of pictures, I have pictures and film of Cap-St-Jacques taken on ‘get away from Saigon’ visits.

    Ah ha! “full employment policy” … Thank you for your insight 🙂

    Sorry, I’ve not heard from Jim Wilkes. I don’t see him listed in the Directory on our Main web site either. Perhaps he’ll turn up here one day 🙂

    Have a fantastic day … it’s great having you join in and ‘travel’ the blogosphere with us.


  • Ken

    Mimi, please forgive me but I do not remember you. I’ve been wearing out the pages of my Gecko looking up names…Just realized who Arlene Ames Silvia is….and her I do remember. You’re not in my Gecko so perhaps you were heading out as I was coming in. In any case, pleased to meet you (kisses the ladies hand [4 years in Vienna was teach you that}. I do now know you last name though and no, sorry, I do not recall having met you. My lost. Regards – Ken

  • Ken

    Admin/Bob – I owe you the “33” and with pleasure. Ken

  • Admin

    Ken, Mimi did not attend ACS. She attended the French school in Saigon. She is one of “The Saigon Kids” from the ‘French Community’ of Saigon during our time in Saigon. She departed VN in 7/62, so you two may have missed each other. Either that or you where toooooo busyyyyyy with all the other ‘lovely ladies’ to have found time for Mimi … hahahahaaa 🙂 … I can assure you,if you where both in Saigon at the same time and you hung out at the Cerce Sportif … you would have known her… lol … cuz if ya didn’t .. you where BLIND … hahahaaahaha 🙂 … ahhh maybe that was it … you had too many “33” to be able to see … ah, that could explain your ‘memory recall voids’ you seem to be experienceing … ahahahahhaa 🙂

    Have a fantastic day … cruising in the back pages of your mind … 🙂

    PS: Thanks for the “33” Ken! 🙂 *gulps it down .. ahhhhh that was refreshing 🙂 🙂 🙂 * … Now somebody hail me a taxi .. I can’t walk straight! LOL

  • Mike Dunn

    Cap St Jacques, or Vung Tau, is where Yen and I had our honeymoon, in January 1970. I got a sunburn, but everything else was great! Ba Muoi Ba sounds great to me.

  • Admin

    Mimi … I was thinking about your suggestion to name the Newletter “33 Weekly” when it ocurred to me … Ken might interupt it to mean 33 Lovely Ladies weekly. LOL


  • Admin

    Mike and Yen … Awwwwww … Vung Tau … Honeymoon … NICE!!


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