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3rd Field Hospital-Vietnam 2011 Reunion

By Edward Russell, Reunion Committee, 3rdFH (1968-69)

Hello Bob,

Thank you for inviting us to link to our reunion information website.

The 3rd Field Hospital-Vietnam 2011 Reunion is being held September 9th and 10th in Chicago, Illinois.

Who’s invited: All Vietnam era members and patients of the 3rd and 51st Field Hospital, US Army Hospital-Saigon, 9th MED LAB, 561st Ambulance, 629th Renal and all other attached and detached unit members; and, friends from the American Community School, Saigon.

Please *register* at the reunion website.

CLICK HERE for reunion information and to *register* for the reunion.

2 comments to 3rd Field Hospital-Vietnam 2011 Reunion

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Well, I certainly can’t make the reunion, but I think its great that the organizers are inviting the SKs. Very considerate.

  • Donna Johnson

    Can you please email me of any further reunions? My step father just found out about this reunion, he was very sad about that. He has suffered many health issues including two open hearts since he came home from Vietnam, and lately it is all he wants to talk about. I love listening to his stories. He drove medical supply truck and was flown home March 28th. Please feel free to contact me. He has found a site that shows what the field hospital was like in ’65 and he has gone over that with many times. Any contact with old comrades I believe he would enjoy. Thank you very much

    donna.meier [@] stryker.com

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