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50 Years Later: Chance Encounter Reunites Saigon Kid Jane Reiser

For many years, on inspirational and motivational sites, I’ve often written about the concepts of:  expect the unexpected – what you want, wants you too – everything in the universe is connected. It seems these concepts have once again proven true in Boise, Idaho recently when Jane Reiser reconnected with Saigon Kids.

“And today a special thanks to Barbara “Bobbie” Mauch (nee Sheehan) who sat in a Communications Class in Boise, Idaho this week and spoke up to her instructor about having lived in Southeast Asia…her father filled the same position in which my father had served after we left. Their family even occupied the same house. What are the chances, almost fifty years later we meet in Boise, Idaho, USA. Life has taught me there are no coincidences.”

Click here to read Jane’s wonderful and sweet memories of Saigon

Jane has also left comments about her sister (Nancy Jo Reiser) who was a Saigon Kid. You can read them by clicking here.

I find it interesting how so many times we discover that many Saigon Kids are located within shouting distance from each other … yet, have never known they are so close to each other.  Have you ever wondered what Saigon Kids might be living just a stones throw from you … across town … the next town over … or a few miles down the road?! I mean, look at this, here we have Bobbie, Randy and now Jane all in Idaho within a stones throw of each other.  Sounds like a good excuse for a ‘pig roast’ party in Idaho, if you ask me.  (I guess they have pig roasts in Idaho like do where I come from … or maybe they call it a BBQ out there … lol )

Everyone give Jane a BIG WELCOME to our Saigon Kids Blog!

Welcome Jane! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and sweet memories of Saigon.  Please visit often and keep in touch with everyone.

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Again, welcome. Great having you back with our Saigon Kids group.


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