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ACS History (Continued) Part 2

The History Of Our School

Why are the following addresses of great significance to the American Community School: 10 Lanzarette, Norodom Compound, Stanvac Building, and 10 Tan Son Hoa? Between September of 1954 and July of 1959, these addresses were bound together by the constantly growing American Community School.

The first address was the home of the school’s first teacher, Mrs. Daly C. Lavergne (1954). In her home she taught all the classes of the school until she divided them with Mrs. Joseph Stroup. Mrs. Stroup’s class met in a small green building in the Norodom Compound. During the school year 1955 – 1956, two quonsets were erected at the Compound. Into one of these moved Mrs. Lavergne’s class, the third and fourth grades.

Then over the Christmas holidays came the tragedy which gladdened the hearts of many children. The quonset burned to the ground. Part of the school then trooped over to the Stanvac building with four burned books. Grouped at two large tables, all the lessons were oral for the next few months.

Soon the quonset was reconstructed, and by the beginning of the school year 1956 – 1957, a larger quonset was nearly finished. This made room for a high school which was then organized. The school grew beyond expectations, and the auditorium section of the large quonset was divided into four classrooms the following year (1957 – 1958).

The next school year (1958 – 1959) the school moved from the Compound to the beautiful, new white buildings of 10 Tan Son Hoa where there was room to spare. However, this space rapidly diminished, as enrollment was now over fifteen times that of the first year; and, American Community School was expecting more students the next year (1959 – 1960). What will it do then?

(to be continued … ) 🙂

8 comments to ACS History (Continued) Part 2

  • Burt Parker

    Awesome! How did you come up with these details???



  • Admin

    Burt … shhhh …. secret documents smuggled in to me on a Saigon Police Sampan … hahahahahahahaha … 🙂

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Did the American Community School become a hospital for wounded American soldiers after dependents left in February 1965?

    I heard a rumor to that affect, but never knew if it was true.

  • Admin

    Yes, Kathy the school was converted into the 3rd Field Hospital. There are some pictures in the Photo Gallery of it … as our school … as the 3rd Field Hospital … and as it is today.

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I tried to go to the Photo Gallery, but the log on didn’t recognize my email address nor my password. Help, I’m in cyber hell or limbo or… Kathy

  • Admin

    Kathy, please see the email I sent you about Registering on the Photo Gallery.


  • Gene Taylor

    I was in Mrs. Lavergne’s class and I remember when the school burned. I went to 3rd and 4th grades in from 1955 to 1957. Mrs. L’s daughter was in my grade…name of Heidi? I think that was her name. Mrs. L had a son too, I believe. Hey, who out there was in school at that time besides me?
    Gene Taylor

  • Gene Taylor

    Just came to me…Mrs. Lavergne’s daughter was Hillary…not Heidi.Not bad after 52 years. Does anyone know her or family’s whereabouts?

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