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ACS Library: 1963 Saigon Street Map

Newest addition to the ACS Library is a 1963 Saigon street map with the ‘OLD’ street names that most of us knew. (ACS Library is located on the site Menu on the right side of this page.)

Since all the street names have changed, I thought this might be of help to some of you in locating places in Saigon. Once you’ve located something on this map, you can then go over to Google Maps to find the “new” street name. Then switch to the Google ‘satelite’ map viewer and zoom right in for a birds eye view of the location. It just doesn’t get any better then this!!

Steve Parker is on the ground in Saigon as I’m writing this Post, using this map and Google map satellite viewer to locate the Parker’s old house in Saigon. I’m sure we’ll be seeing pictures on the Blog of Parker’s old house soon.

Boy do I love all these modern hi-tech toys!! This is just so awesome. Steve Parker is in Saigon, leaving in 2 days. He can’t find there old house and some other places because the street names have changed. He leaves a Comment on our Blog. His father, brothers … Burt and Don … and myself kick into action. Rack brains stressing out memory recall circuits of old house and location, locate old map with old street names, zoom in on Google satellite mapping … pin point their old house location … and transmit everything to Steve in Saigon. All within a few hours today. AWESOME!!

Heck, I bet Steve is standing in front of the house right now taking pictures.

[Up date: Steve found the house … has pictures … will travel.]

Isn’t being a Saigon Kid … FUN… and totally AWESOME?!!


“Kind Words Go A Long Way”

7 comments to ACS Library: 1963 Saigon Street Map

  • Burt Parker

    Yes, indeed, brother Steve did find our our house.

    He promised that pics would be forthcoming. If not, I’ll post the one pic he got of your old house, maybe some others around Saigon that Steve sent via email while they were there. Interestingly enough, he was not allowed into the now mini-hotel to have a look around at our old place. Yet, years earlier (1998) Mom and Dad were welcomed to tour the whole house! Wonder what changed?

    Anyway, thanx a bunch Bob. Your old street map nailed it. Brother Don, using Google Earth and his memories of the streets had pretty much decided that he’d found our old house location but you map made it clear beyond a doubt.

    It amazes me that, as brother Don remarked as a retired Army logistics guy, this is a example of the ‘back line’ supporting the ‘front line’ on a specific operation. And so quickly? Just wonderful!

    Saigon Kids support each other, in so many ways than this one example!



  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Thanks for the terrific map! I’ve been cobbling together different maps from different years (including a 1965 National Geographics one) in order to find my street–Yen Do. It was too small to make it on most of the maps I found, but it’s on this one. It verifies where I thought it was located near the Xa Loi Pagoda and just a petticab ride to the Cercle Sportif.

    I remember hearing that we lived across from Nhu’s secret police compound. Is anyone familiar with that compound? Our four-plex faced the white stucco wall in the back of the compound, but I never remember being in the front. The compound wall was a popular urination site for pedestrians on the streets.

  • Admin

    Kathy … Yes there was a military/police barracks compound in the area where you lived. My memory is a bit foggy about the details. But, some place, somewhere I’ve got information about it, etc. The question is where?? … 🙂

    When I come across it, I’ll post it on the Blog here … BUT, it might be awhile, as if my memory serves me correctly the information on the compound was buried among the ‘text’ of documents about other events,etc. of Saigon … and I have 100s of those … sooo the question is which one contained the info about the compound you are recalling, etc. …

    Glad you found this map useful. Who would have ever thought a hotel tourist map of Saigon would come in so handy nearly 50 years later to a bunch of kids that once lived in Saigon. Awesome, isn’t it?!! So far, it is the best I’ve been able to locate … I’m still searching for a better one … It is out there someplace … 🙂

    Kathy, now that you have determined the location of your house in Saigon … go to Google Maps … locate it there then switch over to ‘satelite’ map on Google maps … you’ll be able to see a ‘bird’s eye’ view of your house … kinda neat!! 🙂


  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Bob, have you had a chance to locate any information about the military/police barracks compound in the area where I lived on Yen Do?

    I remember standing on our second floor balcony watching the high white wall across the street that may have contained the military/police barracks or the compound of Nhu’s secret police. I remember there were lots of rumors about the guarded area.

    It was quite busy in the summer of 1963. The Buddhist protesters at the Xa Loi Pagoda were only a few blocks away.

    [ Kathy – the compound across from your house was the South Viet-namese Army barracks. It was headquarters to and housed the Palace Guards and Surete (aka secret police – who were the equivalent of our CIA/FBI/Secret Service type agencies), along with other high level South Viet-namese military operations. – Bob ]

  • melvyn bowler


    Maybe I am getting a bit old, but I cannot see where I can download the map. I lived in Saigon in 1968, in the Gia Dinh suburb.

    Have wanted this map for years, hope you can help.


    Melvyn Bowler
    ex British Medical Team
    Vietnam 1968

    • Admin

      Hi Melvyn! Thank you for visiting our Blog. To save a copy of the map to your computer do this:

      – go to the Menu (right side of this page). Scroll down to ACS Library section, then click on ‘1963 Saigon Map’.

      – the map will open in a new window. Across the top of the map you’ll see a ‘tool bar’ of various Icons. The one to the far left is the ‘save’ icon. It is located to the left of the ‘print icon’ and directly above the ‘bookmarks tab’. When you hold your mouse over it, it will say “Saves a copy to file”. Click the ‘save icon’ and a “Save Copy to …” dialog box will open. Select a place to save it to on your computer. You’ll now have a copy of the map on your computer.

      Hope this helps you.

  • FZE

    thnks for this map….my familly used to own lots of real estate in saigon…but old names…so NOW i can research and locate them street by street…

    so many thnks…this is a helpful find…

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