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Alert: Spammer Attack on Blog

It seems over the past week or so our Blog has attracted what appears to be amateur Spammers. I say amateur because no professional Spammer would use such time consuming methods. There is no reason for anyone to get alarmed, as the spammers have no access to any of your personal information.

I have several Spam filters installed on the Blog which catch the vast majority of Spammers … about 20 to 30 per day … mostly Robot programs used by professional spammers. But, eventually all Blogs will attract amateur spammers. Mostly, these are people who have bought some cheesy book, generally sold on the Internet by some self proclaimed ‘guru’ of Internet marketing, with claims of being able to get rich overnight. Problem is most of the techniques in these books are outdated, ineffective and produce no income to anyone except the person selling the book to anyone dumb enough to buy it … does the term ‘dangle a carrot in front of the jackass’ come to mind?! LOL

By the way, for those of you who don’t already know it, I’ve been an Internet marketer since the late 1990s … so I’ve seen all the scams and spammer methods known to man kind. And, what these amateur scammers and spammers don’t realize is there is no difference between an Internet business and a physical world business. And, there is no difference between Internet marketing and physical world (off-line) advertising. They all take a ‘business plan’ and a lot of hard work and long hours to be successful, and even then some just simply don’t work. So, a word of wisdom to Spammers (who might be reading this) … stop wasting your time spamming, there is no easy road to riches with Internet marketing – go back to school and learn how to properly create a business and ethically generate traffic and customer bases with tried and proven business practices, instead of get rich quick schemes.

I digress …

What we are faced with on our Blog is people who have been registering with very suspicious Usernames and Email addresses, and not entering their ‘real names’ in the space provided in their ‘Profile’ on the Blog. Then they attempt to make posts and/or comments on our Blog advertising their Internet business. Of course this does not work because I have programs in place on the Blog that catch there unwanted and rude posts and comments, etc.

So it is time for ‘house cleaning’ chores on our Blog … to rid ourselves of the ‘spam mites’ … lol

But … (there is always a ‘but’, isn’t there … lol )

I don’t know for certain who, among those who have registered on the blog without providing there real names in their Profile, is an actual Saigon Kid and who is not a real Saigon Kid (well, some are apparent … but many are not). Sooooooo … here’s what I’m gonna do … 🙂

Here is a list of ‘Usernames’ with NO real name associated with them. If you are a REAL Saigon Kid and have registered with one of the Usernames on this list, please login to your Profile and enter your real name in the space provided (nobody, other then me, has access to your profile information). Any Username on this list which does not have a real Saigon Kid name associated with it … 5 days from now … will be Blocked, Band and locked out of the Blog, as well as, reported to their ISP and ICAN for spamming.

Here’s the list:

TRAMADOL_Fast_Cheap (I already booted this clown out the door)

Again, if you are on this list and are a real Saigon Kid, please login to your Profile on the Blog and enter your real name in the space provided.

If you ‘are not’ on this list. All is well. You don’t need to do anything … well, except Blog away … 🙂

Please, don’t anyone panic, spammers have no access to anyone’s registration/personal information. All they can do is create additional administrative chores for me in the way of having to monitor and delete there posts/comments on our Blog … and, I ain’t got time for it as I have better things to do with my time. 🙂

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


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