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Another Grandson!

Sandy and I are now the proud grandparents of  Zander London Seely, our 7th grandchild, born Sunday, 8/9/09, on what would’ve been his Great Grandma’s (Sandy’s mom) birthday. We have 5 grandsons, 2 granddaughters…life’s reward! My sons (3) and I have discussed many aspects of life over the years … and we all agree that past experiences only make the time we have left more rewarding! I relish my SK years..and can only hope that my grandchildren can experience the memories and friendships in their lives that I cherish. I don’t know most of you who post on this site … but I consider you close friends because of that wonderful place we all shared … Saigon.

Best wishes, everyone!


6 comments to Another Grandson!

  • Admin

    Randy – AWESOME!!!


    Keep those “Third Generation Saigon Kids” coming!!! 🙂 – You’ll need them to push you around in your wheel chair when you get old – LOL – while you tell them stories about the ‘good old days’ in Saigon – ha ha ha!

    ROCK OONNNNNN … Saigon Kid …


    PS: We want pictures of Zander with Grand Pa!!!!

  • Ken

    Congratulations to the proud parents AND grandparents. There is no mistake, little ones are one of life’s true blessings. I keep hoping, but ……

    Hugs to all today, this beautiful sunny Saturday in Frankfurt. Ken

  • Randy Seely

    Thanks very much, my friends…I appreciate it.

  • frank

    Randy, Congrats!!! Grandchildren are the best. We have learned from our mistakes with our own kids…and besides we are not responsible…spoil them and send them back home! lol
    Again, so nice to hear good news! Frank

  • Randy Seely

    Thanks, Frank! Yes…it’s good to have the grandkids around — especially when we can get ’em sugared up, and send ’em back home! Again, thanks for the kind words! Randy

  • Maile Doyle

    Randy – Bill and I also had our seventh grandchild in May. Our son, Kevin and his wife Katie gave us beautiful Lucille (Lucy) Margaret Doyle. Then they moved from Omaha, NE to Blacksburg, VA where Kev is the Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach and the developer of GoCollegeSoccer.com – official scoreboard for all college soccer.

    Anyway, Katie blesses me every day with a picture to my cell phone of Miss Lucy.

    Grandbabies are truly God’s gift to us for having survived our own child rearing years! 🙂

    Blessings on yours!


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