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Another Saigon Kids Reunion?

by Frank Stoddard, ACS

We really could have another reunion, but it not only takes work by the folks that put it together but need to have a “heads-up” from everyone who will attend. Hotel prices and meals and all the other stuff is estimated by the hotels and the kids (SaiginKids) who are trying to get great quality on how many will attend.

Now, I would gladly help with one…but only if there is a good response. I, to be honest, have always been a little disappointed to what I refer as the younger kids. I would like to see everyone from 155 to 1965 and beyond.

In 2000, I talked for several minutes with a Saiginkid named Bill. He was wheel chair bound since he was 10. He so much wanted to come to the reunion, but even after we arranged hotel accommodations for him, he could not make it. I had never met him but we bonded because we were Saigon Kids. He told me a story, that neither of us knew were true or not. He said a soldier was severally wounded, and when he woke up he was in the Third Field Hospital. He said this is my High School. They thought he’s gone crazy. Yep! I do not know if it is true, but what a nice thought. I most admit that I often wonder if my friend Jimmie Nakayama died in one of my old classrooms. I know he died on his way home, but where we’ll really never know..

O.K. do you guys want a reunion? We can do it if you want one…but it has to be a dedicated “want”.
Most of us are older (and maybe even depend on Denny’s discount breakfasts to get by ), but if you really want to get together you can make it happen.

Now, I would step forward, but my places are limited. A person really needs to be in the area where it would take place or know about it. I could offer Phoenix, such as where our first reunion took place. The Wigwam was terrific. . Of course, if you wanted a more out of the way place, Sierra Vista and Tombstone are options. Or some of my favorite places are Anaconda, Bozeman, or Butte Montana (kinda’ out of the way, but these are workable for me). Los Vegas, sorry I do not like the place. I will not go into details, but I just don’t want it. Seattle and San Diego would be rather expensive. I love both these cities. Of course Nuremburg, Germany is my favorite. But of course Germany and Vietnam is too difficult and “pricy” for most of us.

If a reunion were desired, folks would have to get on board as soon as possible. It would make it a better reunion, plus take the “sweat” off from the organizers. Hotels and resorts require money down, and when you do not know how many are “showing” up…yes, it causes some concern.

O.K. guys, I never met a Saigon Kid (and heck, I would love for people who were assigned to the Third Field Hospital, or the Phoenix Project …well it depend on which program..HeHe) sign on!

A good start would be if we all start to communicate more.

Just write and tell us what’s up with you.. We all want to know. I know I’m not alone in this wish.

By the way, Bill, from Colorado (the wheel chair fellow) said that Saigon Kids should have T-Shirts that say “Vietnam Vets”! I totally agree.

Love Ya All,


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