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ACS Newspapers: Bamboo Beacon – 1961

Now in the ACS Library: 1961 Bamboo Beacon school newspapers.

All of the 1961 Bamboo Beacon school newspapers have been converted to an eBook. They are located under the ACS Library on the Menu over there on the right side of this page.

This eBook includes the first Bamboo Beacon (September 15, 1961 through the Christmas Edition 1961.

Some of them are a bit faded from age, but can still be read. If you find them hard to read, simply ‘enlarge’ them with the Zoom In/Out tool on the Tool Bar located at the top of the page. You can blow it all the way up to 800% the original size. If you can’t read it at that level … umm, ya might want to make an appointment with an eye doctor … LOL … 🙂

They are best viewed with a High Speed Internet connection (Cable, DSL, etc.). If you are on a Dial Up Internet connection, the pages may load slow, as there are 41 pages of solid graphic in the eBook.

If you want to save a copy of the eBook to your computer, just click the copy Icon, top left of page. Looks like a floppy disc. When you hold your mouse over it, it will say “Saves a copy of the file”. A good place to save it on your computer is in your “My Documents” folders. Once you’ve saved a copy to your computer, you can view it on your computer anytime you want, without having to log on to the Blog. Also, once you have it saved on your computer, you’ll be able to send it to others via email, etc.

Hope you enjoy reading these. Be sure to thank Burt Parker for saving them all these years … nearly 50 years! There is a lot of interesting reading in them, from the good ole’ days … 🙂

Does anyone know who “Miss Seemore” was?

As always, you’re welcome to leave you Comments below.


PS: The 1962 Bamboo Beacon will be available soon.

1 comment to ACS Newspapers: Bamboo Beacon – 1961

  • Burt Parker

    Wow! What a spendid effort and great result! You got them digitized in much better form than I had thought possible. Thanx for your hard work; I can’t wait to set ’62’s Beacons…



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