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Bamboo Beacon 2/4/64

Mornin’ Everyone,

Sounds like Bob has mountains of info to scan so before I send off my precious Bamboo Beacons to him I thought I’d share an article or two with you all (I was the typist for the Beacon in 63). This is from Sherry Penney…Feb. 1964:


A little belatedly, I want to with to wish a real Happy New Year to all of you at ACHS. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was sleeping late mornings, hollering at cyclo drivers, struggling with the year’s Editor over reams of nameless pictures for the Gecko, pounding out “Maria” in front of stricken thousands, gossiping with Mitchelline about a secret idol in room 18, and juggling chemistry formulas in Madam Delort’s class de francais! I guess you must be proud of the school now – all the improvements that I’m sorry to have missed. It seems funny to me that I once looked toward “Stateside” with such wistful, anxious eyes. There’s no denying that Virginia is great, but you, too, don’t know how good you have it. Make the most of it – now that I’m back on the home front I think of the ways I could have gotten so much more out of the oportunity and the FUN. Glad to hear that weejuns and madras have made their debut! Soon to come are dickies, the bird, long-haired “grimmies” and lots more Stateside contemporaries. I can’t make this too long – got to go out and shovel the SNOW. I wish I could come back and see everything and everyone, but this will have to do. I am so proud and happy to have been in Saigon and a part of ACHS – hope you are too.

Missing you lots, SHERRY PENNEY

Any knowledge of Sherry’s whereabouts? See….we all had it so good. Happy Tuesday…Alice

P.S. – I am a SENIOR!

2 comments to Bamboo Beacon 2/4/64

  • Admin

    Great post from – wonderland – Alice 🙂

    Gee you went from typist to editor and now back to typing the Beacon … the circle is complete … LOL

    BTW do you still have your ACS cheerleader uniform?

  • Admin

    Alice said: “See….we all had it so good.”

    You got that right! My days in Saigon were the greatest cruise ship lolly pop I was ever on during my school years … not to mention a total BLAST … those days were more like a continous party, to put it mildly … it was quite and adjustment for me when I returned back to school in the States … LOL … as I’m sure it was for everyone.

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