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Belgian Virus – French Girl Laughing

My comment has nothing to do with the above picture … it is just that I don’t know where to put it .. (Booooob, help me … lol).

[ Boooooob to the rescue – lol – 🙂 ]

And it is not a Comment but a stupid joke that had me laughing for 2 hours, and I thought it would be fun to share something “lighter”.

So … it is in French, sorry but it is time to brush up on your French now that you an the French are friends again … and for those of you who don’t speak French, (that excludes Frank who has been practicing intensively lately-lol-) there are plenty of automatic translators.

It is a “Belgian” joke, you have to know in order to understand it that the French consider the Belgian and the Swiss as a bit slow minded.

So that was a long introduction but here it is:

“Cher internaute,

Vous venez de recevoir un virus informatique belge.

Comme nous ne sommes pas très avancés technologiquement, ceci est un virus manuel.

S’il vous plaît, effacez tous les fichiers de votre disque dur et envoyez ce mail à tous ceux que vous connaissez.

Merci beaucoup de nous aider”
xxxx mimi


Admin Note:

Automatic Translator located HERE

Please note: The translator will not produce a perfect translation. It should adequately convey the general sense of the original; however, it is not a substitute for a competent human translator.

That being said, the automatic translator says the translation is:

“Dear visitor,

You just received a virus in Belgium.

As we are not very advanced technologically, this is a virus manual.

Please delete all files from your hard drive and send this email to everyone you know.

Thank you very much for helping us.”

Rock onnnnnnnnnnn … Saigon Kids … 🙂


8 comments to Belgian Virus – French Girl Laughing

  • Bruce Thomas

    Mimi, here in Georgia, we change the name to “the Alabama computer virus” …. lol

    By the way, I just went back and read an earlier comment of yours from last year, and was quite surprised about the street address in Saigon that you gave for yourself. My family lived at 15 Truong Minh Ky. If you were living on that street in April 1961, you may remember the incident of the hand grenade that was thrown into our front yard as my father came home for lunch. The French family who lived across the street from us had a son whose name was Alain. I think the mother’s name was Azizu. Her brother rushed across the street and drove my wounded father to the American Embassy infirmary.

    Bruce Thomas

  • Admin

    Bruce – when I was living in Bama, they called it the ‘Georgia Virus’ – LOL 🙂

    In Hawaii it was called the ‘Portugie Virus’ … In Chicago it’s the ‘Polish Virus’ … lol … Dang! This thing is spreading everywhere … WHAT THE HECK IS IT!?! – ROFL 🙂

    Have no fear folks – Our Anti-Virus SWAT Team is on it!!!

    Tech SWAT Team


  • Mimi

    Thanx Bob! that illustration of you coming to my rescue is…wow…lol!

    I seldom forward jokes(I receive -like you all, I suppose- about 4 of them a week)but I found this one so stupidly naive, I could not resist.

    Bruce, I lived several years at 37 TMK,(next to the Swanson’s)until 1957, and then shortly at 7 TMK. But in 61 I was living on Hong thap tu, not far from there. I left Saigon in July 61 but I have no recollection at all of that event- even if not living on that street I would have heard of it… are you sure it was 61? Alain is probably Alain Jacquemin, a rather heavy built guy, who was in the french gang at CSS. I think there are some pics of him on the french forum.

    hugs. xxx mimi

    • Admin

      Mimi – I remember Alain Jacquemin. If I recall correctly he was a couple years older then most of us at the time. We used to play basketball with him at the CSS. If I remember right he was into martial arts also – we used to talk about it a lot I recall, as I’d studied martial arts for several years before coming to Saigon. I remember several times he tried to talk me into playing rugby after he learned I’d played football in high school in the USA before coming to Saigon. LOL – I was seriously considering it, as he had told me it was ‘just’ French football and very much like USA football … THEN … I watched a few rugby games … and said, “NO WAY!!!” – LOL – Just like USA football my FOOT!! USA football we wore ‘padding’ and ‘halmets’ and the game had ‘rules’ — rugby had NO RULES, except if you have the ball everyone else can break every bone in your body – LOL. Plus, all the rugby teams where adults and BIG guys who I think were a bit on the INSANE side. Who else would play the game!! ha ha ha … then I noticed most of the players had broken noses and most of their teeth had been knocked out … LOL.

      Whatever happend to Alain? Is he still around someplace in the world? Wasn’t he the Cha Cha dance king of CSS? Or, am I confusing him with someone else?

      Mimi, you must feel deprived if you only get ‘4 email jokes per week’ … LOL … I get several a day!! If you want, I’d be happy to sponsor you into the ’email joke forwarder’s club’ … ROFL 🙂

      Wow, Mimi, you left Saigon just a few months after I did. I left in Jan/Feb 61. Went to Hawaii to finish up the school year, then in mid June went on to mainland USA. I never knew you left that soon after me.


  • Bruce Thomas

    Mimi — Alain Jacquemin! C’est exactement à qui j’ai parlé. Lui et sa mère habitait en face de notre maison.

    Oui, l’incident avec la grenade à main a été, le vendredi 7 avril 1961. C’est le début de la fin de semaine de l’élection à la présidence du Sud-Vietnam. (Bien sûr, Ngo Dinh Diem a gagné!) Il ya eu plusieurs autres incidents impliquant des attaques autour de Saigon des Américains sur ce week-end.


  • Admin

    Guess who should appear ….

    Alain Jacquemin and Francoise dancing


  • Mimi

    Bob…what was left to do, once you were gone????..lol (ain’t I sweet-lol)

    I am afraid that all the transfering of Alain’s pic from one pc to another(I don’t remember where I got it in the 1st place) has made him slimmer than he really was. (he was sometimes called affectionately “le gros Alain”). Even Françoise, who was rather curvy at the time has slimmed down and has a strangely long neck..lol.
    No idea what happened to Alain. I don’t remember anyone from the french gang mentionning him recently. I’ll check…but so far all my other inquiries ont the french forum got no response.

    Bruce, bravo pour ton français. As-tu encore l’occasion de le pratiquer? J’imagine que la date de cet attentat est restée gravée dans ta mémoire….moi, ça ne me dit vraiment rien,toute cette période autour de mon départ est très floue.

    See, Bob, you have to go to the automatic translator again -lol- Time to brush on your french, my friend!!! -lol-

    Anyone heard of Frank lately. Did he make it home safely or is he still trying to figure where that water on his head is coming from?

    Ok..take care and hugs to you all.

  • Admin

    Mimi … well, I’ve heard it got really boring in Saigon after I left … lol … aww yes you are sweet … 🙂

    I know I promised you I’d write when I left Saigon but once I got to Hawaii I was kidnapped by Hula Girls – LOL – they kept me lost in paradise for months 🙂

    I thought Alain looked a little ‘thin’ in the pix … lol

    Francoise was a little curvy, as you say, but she was very sweet too – just like you and all the girls were – actually, still are too … 🙂

    Thank goodness for the automatic translators – lol . I would be brushing up on my French now … IF … Frank had returned with a lovely French tutor for me, as he promised he would – lol – I guess he got ‘water’ on the brain and forgot – sigh 🙁

    I received an email from Frank the other day … so assume he made it home okay. He probably found a BIG ‘Honey Do List’ waiting for him when he returned – since he has been traveling for most of this year so far … LOL.


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