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The Saigon Gecko Newsletter

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As most of you have probably notice I’ve not published The Saigon Gecko Newsletter every Friday for sometime now. The reason is that it was taking considerable time to write and publish it every week; and, with little – if any – contribution of articles and information […]

CLOD Removal – End of an Era

Well, once the CLODs were all deported… and Vietnamese-American relationships were “normalized”…things got very proper in Saigon. A new high school wing – Kennedy Hall – was dedicated in January 1964. Upon the completion of this 3-story!!!! building, high school students had to get up at 6:00 AM to get to school. There were 99 […]

ACS Newspapers: Bamboo Beacon 1962

The Bamboo Beacon 1962 school newspapers are now in the ACS Library (located on the Menu on the right side of this page).

This eBook contains issues from January 19th through April 6, 1962.

The eBooks “Bamboo Beacon 1961” and “Bamboo Beacon 1962” contain all the issues of the newspaper for the school year 1961-62.


ACS Newspapers: Bamboo Beacon – 1961

Now in the ACS Library: 1961 Bamboo Beacon school newspapers.

All of the 1961 Bamboo Beacon school newspapers have been converted to an eBook. They are located under the ACS Library on the Menu over there on the right side of this page.

This eBook includes the first Bamboo Beacon (September 15, 1961 through the […]

ACS Newsletters: The Foxy Chronicle – 1961

The first newsletter published at American Community School was The Foxy Chronicle. Only three issues were published. The school newsletter then changed to the Bamboo Beacon.

A new category has been added to the site Menu over there on the right “ACS Library”. The Foxy Chronicle 1961 newsletters are in the library in eBook format […]