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Saigon Kids™ Stories: “Frankie, button your shirt”

I disliked all my English teachers … well, wait there was Mrs. Jones. By the way, Mrs. Jones was real!! […]

Kindergarten In Saigon

Okay Saigon Kids here’s the deal. I’m in contact with the husband of a girl who attended Kindergarten in Saigon during the time frame of 1963/64 ACS school year. But, ACS didn’t have kindergarten classes. So the questions is: What schools did the Kindergarten children attend.

Did any of you have younger brothers or sisters […]

In Memory of Lorenza B. Piper 1922 – 2004: Principal and Teacher American Community School Saigon 1956 – 1958

Lorenza B. Piper may have been the first principal of ACS. This newspaper article was sent to me by one of our Saigon Kids. —————————————————————————–

Lorenza B. Piper 1922-2004 Kennebec Journal (Augusta, ME)

Monday, July 5, 2004

AUGUSTA — Lorenza B. Piper, 82, a resident of Academy Road, […]

Madame Quinquet

I look at her pictures in the 1961 Gecko, and have a memory of her that day, serious and determined as she walked towards her classroom, her heels clicking on the tiles. She strode down the colonnade that connected the several wings of classrooms at ACS. Madame Quinquet was arriving, a few minutes late as […]

Mrs. Shaffer and The Sounds of Music

While we all seem to be suddenly wandering around through our various 60s memories I want to thank Mrs. Harrison Shaffer for her many contributions to those memories. Remember South Pacific, anyone???? and the half dozen or so of us sweeeet young ladies dressed in sailor uniforms singin’ our hearts out to the tune of […]