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Double Seven Day

Do you guys remember that today is the holiday on which the Vietnamese commemorated the day the President took office on July 7, 1954. Hence Double Seven Day – the seventh day of the seventh month. Every building in Saigon from the large government houses to the little thatch huts flew the Vietnamese flag.

Mile Stones …

It seems our Blog has passed some mile stones.

Alice made the “1200-th” Comment a couple days ago. Art made the 1201-st Comment today.

This Post is the 300th post since we started our Blog a little over a year ago (April 21, 2008).

Way to go Saigon Kids. Keep those Posts and Comment of […]

A Christmas Carol – 1963

Caroling was a big event on Christmas Eve for a lot of the ACHS kids. We met at the Kinh Do and then hopped on buses. I have forgotten where all we went ( I was reminded recently that in 1962 we went to the ambassador’s house and he invited us in to sing while […]

A Home for the Holidays

Today, December 10, is the anniversary of my family’s arrival in Saigon (sorry I missed your inaugural blog post, Bob). It was 1962 and I was 14 years old and thrilled to finally have a “home” again. We had been living a pretty nomadic existence for most of that year – compliments of a coup […]

CLOD Removal – End of an Era

Well, once the CLODs were all deported… and Vietnamese-American relationships were “normalized”…things got very proper in Saigon. A new high school wing – Kennedy Hall – was dedicated in January 1964. Upon the completion of this 3-story!!!! building, high school students had to get up at 6:00 AM to get to school. There were 99 […]