December 2022
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Tribute To Elvis: Documentary In His Own Voice

by Admin

Today is the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death at Graceland August 16,1977.

Many of us Saigon Kids came of age during the early years of rock n roll. We grew up on it. And, we grew up on Elvis who is credited with starting it all.

For me, I first heard of Elvis […]

Love Potion Number 9 or Vietnam Viagra

From back in the days of our youth, I’m sure we all remember the popular rock n roll song *Love Potion No.9*.

It seems there is an Elephant Man in the hill tribes of Viet-nam who has his own secret *Love Potion*.

Since he was 13, for over 50 years Ama Kong used ancient practices […]

Would You Do This For $1 Million and Guaranteed Stardom?

During my early days as a journalist I discovered *odd and strange* news. I’ve been a fan of it every since.

So, today while passing the time away in the wood shop with the radio blasting away playing that good ole’ rock n roll music, they announced a bit of *strange* news – lol.

It […]

Alhambra Theater Saigon – Now Playing: ROCK, ROCK, ROCK

Welcome to Saturday At The Movies with Saigon Kids.

This week we’re at the Alhambra Theater in old Saigon since this movie was made before the Kinh Do Theater was opened.

ROCK, ROCK, ROCK was made in 1956 but it probably would have been 1958 or 1959 before it would have made it to […]

Coming Attraction at the Passage Eden on Tu Do Street

This should bring back some memories for all you Saigon Kids.

Where were you when this movie came out? Did you wait in the long lines at the theater to see it? Or, should I say, “would your parents let you go see it?”

As always, you’re welcome to leave your comments below.