February 2024
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locked out

Bob, I am not sure what I did, but my saved password for the gallery did not work, and when I attempted a few times it banned me.


[Admin Note: Please see the email I sent you yesterday which included a new password for you to access the photo gallery.

For […]

Winning Friends…

After posting the note about the difference between civilians and GIs, it occurred to me that I might be too condemning of GIs and the choices they made. Many GIs were decent guys, and lived outside the “services” offered during desperate times for the population.

Clearly, the choices were offered by the population, and […]

Youth In Asia by George Baggett – Book Review

From the streets of America, youths were drafted and sent to war in Vietnam. Inner city youths and farm boys were thrown into a master plan only the American Military could have created. Never having driven a car, John Montgomery became a mechanic. Greg Foster became a Combat Medic. They trained and lived during interesting […]

American Community School – The Missing Link

While researching and writing about the history of our American Community School the trail of information got a bit grey after the 1965 evacuation. About the only information available was the school buildings got hurriedly converted into an Army hospital – Third Field Hospital. Written and pictorial information was limited other then from a military […]

Third Field Hospital

I note from Google Earth the area where the hospital used to be. It looks very different – probably no longer a building of importance. I lived in a place called Hotel Columbia – a couple of blocks from the hospital at what was then called 100 pee Alley.

One thing I noted while taking […]