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Saigon Kids Stories: Virgina Wilson-King (PSG)

by Virgina “Ginny” Wilson-King Phoenix Study Group Saigon (1968-1974)

I lived in Saigon in 1968 when I was 18 months old. We lived up by the racetrack. When the Tet offensive happened, my mother and I hid in a crawl space behind the stove. Since I was so little they had to drug me so […]

A Saigon Kid for 50 years

By Bruce Thomas

Fifty years ago my family departed the shores of the United States for Saigon, the capital of what was then South Vietnam. Most of our friends asked, “Where?” At that time, Southeast Asia was not a familiar piece of the globe for Americans.

After I finished my first year of high school […]

51 Years Ago Today

I stepped off the Pam Am plane in a far away place called Saigon. Little did I know then it was the first step of what was to become a life long journey as a Saigon Kid.

That day, so long ago, was my 16th birthday. Little did I know I was about to receive […]

50th Anniversary: My Arrival In Saigon

It is hard to believe that it was 50 years ago today (April 21, 1959) when I stepped off the plane in Saigon beginning what would become a life long adventure, relationship and bond with our Saigon Kids – family.

Where did the time go!?! It seems like just yesterday – well, okay maybe last […]

Tom Hanna: Journey To Saigon – July 1960

Tom shares the story of his journey to Saigon … his arrival on this 13th birthday and his first days in Saigon … read more here

Great story Tom! Thanks for sharing it with us!


PS: Frank, shame on you for scaring those 8th graders!!! – LOL