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Saigon Reunion 2009 Video

by Roy McDonald, Arlene (Zucker) Claiborne and Frank Stoddard,ACS

[Note: This is a work in progress.]

[Admin Note: You can follow the reunion from start to finish as it was going on by CLICKING HERE.]


The Journey Ends: Saigon Reunion 2009

The journey of our Saigon Reunion 2009 began here about one month ago as our Saigon Kids travelled to Saigon.

Now the Journey ends with the return of our last Saigon Kid arriving back home safely. Welcome home Ruthie! 🙂

Read the final account of our travelers here

Thank you to everyone who contributed to […]

The Journey Begins: Saigon Reunion 2009

This Post will remain here at the top of the front page of our Blog thoughout the Reunion in Saigon. Our ‘travellers’ will leave ‘update’ Comments under this Post to keep us up to date on their activities as they travel to and from Saigon for the Reunion.

Frank is enroute now. He is currently […]

Frank: In The Middle of Montana – It’s Up To YOU!

Gosh! In 1996 I went with my wife Susan to her 30th class reunion in Conrad, Montana. I had a wonderful time, but when it was over I told her that I was sad because I really want to have a reunion with my Saigon friends, but could not. Yes, I was feeling sorry for […]

Saigon Hotels – March 2009

This is interesting. I just did a search for hotels available in Saigon during March 2009 reunion time frame. Of the 28 hotels in Saigon, all are SOLD OUT except:

Omni Saigon Ho Chi Minh City

4 star rated

$198 to 242 USD

Caravelle Hotel

5 star rated

$270 to 1200 USD

Sofitel Plaza Saigon