June 2023
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Christmas in Saigon, 1960

Submitted by Bruce Thomas (ACS)

Whenever I travel the couple of hundred miles over to a neighboring state, to the city where my mother was born and raised, I visit the graves of my parents. And then I’ll stroll the hundred yards or so across the city’s largest cemetery to visit the grave of my […]

Saigon Kids™ Stories: “War Eagle!” in Vietnam

by Bruce Thomas (ACS)

In my biographical account that I posted here three years ago, A Saigon Kid for 50 years, I mentioned about there being a large decal on the rear window of our Ford station wagon that we took to Saigon with us, a decal proclaiming allegiance to my family’s university of choice, […]

Saigon Kids Stories: SS President Hoover

by Bruce Thomass (ACS 1960-61)

As I wrote my *Before Saigon* story, I noted that was the 53rd anniversary of the day we boarded SS President Hoover for our journey to Saigon. It might be interesting to some readers to know a little bit about the history of that ship.

In 1932, his final […]

Saigon Kids Stories: Saturday at Cap St. Jacques

by Bruce Thomas (ACS)

Vung Tau — a beautiful spot at the mouth of the Saigon River. My father thought one Saturday we ought to have a great adventure. So the four of us, together with our cook Tu and our housemaid Hai (and Hai’s two children), hopped into our Ford station wagon (the one […]

A Saigon Kid Visits Liechtenstein in 1968

by Bruce Thomas, ACS

During my stint with the US Army in northern Germany, I took a week’s leave in the summer of 1968 and drove south, visiting Bavaria and crossing over into Switzerland. As I wandered eastward, I crossed the Rhine into the neighboring tiny principality of Liechtenstein. Meandering along a small street in […]