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Cindy (Parke) Beukema: Finds Saigon Kids – Joins Blog

Everyone give Cindy a BIG WELCOME!

Cindy was in Saigon September 1960 to June 1962 in the 8th and 9th grades.

Cindy stumbled on our Blog while looking for another Saigon Kid on a whim one day.

Great having you here Cindy!    🙂

Feel free to leave Posts and Comments sharing your Saigon memories and experiences with everyone.

Again, welcome!


3 comments to Cindy (Parke) Beukema: Finds Saigon Kids – Joins Blog

  • Ken

    Cindy, glad you found the site. fill us in on the last 40 + years of your life. All the best – Ken

  • Cindy Parke Beukema

    After leaving Saigon, my father (career US Navy) became captain of a destroyer out of Norfolk, VA and I went to boarding school in Richmond, VA for 4 years, repeating 9th grade. 15 months later, my father went to the Pentagon and I stayed in Richmond. College in Ohio, then back to D.C. where I met and married John Beukema, a JAG lawyer and by 1975 we moved to Minneapolis where we have been ever since. Son Frederick (the Jeopardy whiz and a structural engineer and comedy improv performer) was born in 1979. Son David (an actor with day jobs in temp work) came along in 1982. Both boys live in Minneapolis and Frederick is married to Melissa, a California girl. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work over the years, but for the past 11 years I have worked in a used paperback bookstore in our neighborhood. Low pay, but it feeds my reading habit (mostly mysteries). Husband John is still a lawyer, but is retiring in July 2010, stock market willing. We are both active in our church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral and enjoy life in the Frozen North.

  • Bpeck


    I am interested in getting in touch. We are related through your father. Contact me at

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