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CLOD Magazine – Available at a Blog near you soon

While the ‘establishment’ powers of ACS and Saigon did execute “Operation Clod Eradication” effectively ridding the school and community of Clods … little did they know The Clods lived on. The ‘establishment’ powers divided but they did not … conqueror the Clods … they simply went into exile where they seem to have prospered.

Below is a picture of “The Clod Tower” building … who would have ever guessed?!

The Clod Tower

CLOD Magazine will be available to you soon.

50+ years. 50+ editions. CLOD Magazine started its questionable life as a pamphlet (on an Olympic Bar napkin) dedicated to ‘beat’, non-conformist, anti-communist, eccentric, non-materialistic, literary intellect enquiry. Despite format changes, raids, busts and phases of sluggishness, it has pretty much remained the same. Through its over half century of undignified history, Clod writers have shied away from the glitzy vacuous content of life-style magazines with rigid deadlines … to appear only when the writers feel the urge.

Some of the topics covered are skirt chasing, anti-fashion tips, cartoon exploits, street vendors, rock n roll, and the clandestine and dangerous ‘sportiff club’ . Popular items, such as, food, healthy living and football are represented, but given limited, if any, attention. Editors can be variously described as libertine, paragons and fops, drawing on their near misses with the greater and lesser evils of our savage, yet, beautiful age of materialism and power dressing.

Pre-publication subscriptions will be forthcoming … when the writers get the urge.

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