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CLOD Removal – End of an Era

Well, once the CLODs were all deported… and Vietnamese-American relationships were “normalized”…things got very proper in Saigon. A new high school wing – Kennedy Hall – was dedicated in January 1964. Upon the completion of this 3-story!!!! building, high school students had to get up at 6:00 AM to get to school. There were 99 high school students (9 through 12) at the end of 1963 and 111 first graders alone!!! There was a new administration building with greatly increased office space and a much more impressive front for the school – most of which resembled deserted army barracks. And the new building had a SOUND PROOF room where we chorus (and band) members were confined to practice – come on Mrs. Shaffer – we were GOOOD – you didn’t have to lock us up like that! (Harrison, once again, go hug your mother…..NOW).

But the CLOD ghosts remained -apparently -for the Cruisin’ Around column of the Bamboo Beacon lamented that “no stricly cool parties or tuff dances have been given this month. As Nancy Newman put it, “It’s getting revolting!” When do we go wild? The school seems to have sunk into fatigue. Its inactivity begs for relief before rigor mortis sets in. Every weekend everybody does the same old thing. Let’s get some of the wildest of the wild activities going. Listen, why doesn’t everyone dress up like with the feather and tomahawk bit and run screaming down the main drags of Saigon……just for kicks.” We didn’t have the CLOD do-it-yourself manual – SIGH! Rock on BEAT guys….

2 comments to CLOD Removal – End of an Era

  • Admin

    It has always amazed me how when the ‘Clods’ were around, everyone wanted to get rid of them …but, once they were gone … then everyone whined about how ‘boring’ life was … 🙂

    Clod DIY Manual, Alice??!! … ummm there was NO manual … Clods just have a natural talent for creating … excitement!! … and … thrills … lol 🙂


  • frank

    Alice, who do you think caused the WAR!!!????

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