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Debbie (Yeager) Taylor: Tales of JDP Gibbon


Everyone give Ken’s “kid sister” a BIG WELCOME!

Debbie visited recently with tales of the JDP Compound “Gibbon”  (click here) … this could get interesting, as we all know how kid sisters just love to talk about their big brothers … Ken be nice (very nice) to you sister … OR, she may start telling us all those stories about you … you know the ones you hoped she’d forgotten about your Saigon days … LOL 🙂

Visit often, Debbie!

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Again, welcome … great having you here!


7 comments to Debbie (Yeager) Taylor: Tales of JDP Gibbon

  • I remember the Gibbon and the howl and the “bite”.

  • Ken

    @ Bob, my sister knows better than to tell stories out of school…..I’m older, I helped take care of her when she was little so I know more stories that she, right Sis? A few years ago she was having a “round” birthday, as the Germans say, and her daughters (Deidra and Deanne) were looking for funny stories about their mom and I supplied a couple….I know she doesn’t want them published here…he he he.

    Debblie, welcome to SK. Ken

    • Admin

      Ahhhh … the plot thickens … lol … hmmm maybe it is time for “True Confessions of Kid Sisters” … hahaahhaa

      Rock on … brothers and sisters … 🙂


  • Debbie Yeager Taylor

    Oh brother! As a little squirt I had a more insular life than my big brother but I remember when he and his friends would come home in the afternoons. One or two would come up the service stairs in order to go through the kitchen so they could check out the snacks that our favorite maid would concoct. Then they would hit up the sodas and off to the record player. You know, that machine that would spin discs of vinyl? I believe that I was very circumspect and didn’t bugger them too much, but I’m sure that my brother would tell you that I was a pain in the ***! But having a brother that was so much older than me also had its perks! He would take me on his motorcycle and save me from bullies on the school bus! Yep! I adored my bro!

  • Have you checked out Google Earth? I found the remnants of the JDP Compound and the Golf Course. I placed a photo there that I sent you in E-mail.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    I’ve been trying to find the old JDP compound using Google without success. Can someone give me the coordinates so I can pinpoint the spot. everyone Says where was a golf course nearby but again, can’t find a damn thing.

    • Admin

      Ken – try searching for Johnson, Drake and Piper of Viet-nam (aka JDP). As I recall, the JDP personnel housing compound was located in the general area of Pershing Field. Also, you might get more response from SKs by making a “POST” on the Blog requesting info about location of JDP compound – more people will see the Post, then will see these ‘comments’ … LOL 🙂

      Rock on …


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