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Deja Vu: Rock N Roll – The Early Years (Part 2) “Media Against Rock N Roll”

Now we continue with Part 2 of the Deja Vu: Rock N Roll – The Early Years series as we take a look at Media Against Rock N Roll. I must say I seriously debated about posting this video, as it is really hard to believe today that our elders and adult leaders back then really had the attitude and believes displayed in this video.

But, they did!!!

This video is just a ‘blink of the eye’ of what really took place back then in regards to the efforts to STOP Rock N Roll.

Keep in mind, this was way before Civil Rights and took place during the early stages of the Cold War era … and, the compulsion with the threat of Communism.

I lived through this era of Rock N Roll history. I was in my pre-teens at the time, but I remember it vividly. To this day I find it difficult to comprehend the (what I consider) childish ‘mentality’ of our country’s leaders during those times … about Rock N Roll.

Are ya kinda feeling a little speechless after seeing what took place back then … by ADULTS … ???!!!!

I was living in San Diego, CA around this time. I was there when the first Elvis concert was held. Half way through the first night performance the mayor of San Diego SHUT DOWN the show with armed police … and BANNED Elvis from ever performing in San Diego AGAIN … “Only a heroin addict could perform such lewd vulgar acts … ” the headlines read.

Then a couple years later I was living in Hawaii when Elvis did his first show there … what a difference! He was WELCOMED as Royalty! He stayed at the Hawaiian Village (owned by Henry Kaiser at the time). He and his group occupied the entire top floor of rooms. His fans made a Lei that reached from the balcony of his room all the way to the ground. The Mayor of Honolulu and the Governor of Hawaii greeted him … welcoming him and his Rock N Roll music.

Rock N Roll was here to stay … and IT STAYED!!

What are your memories of these early days of Rock N Roll?

Where were you living when they tried to stop our Rock N Roll?

What events do you recall during the early Rock N Roll days?

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.


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