December 2023
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Diana Sheeks Joins Our Blog

Diana Sheeks has joined our Blog Photo Gallery. She attended ACS during 1962 – 64 time frame. She came to Saigon when she was 9 years old. She has posted (in the Photo Gallery) a wonderful story of her travels to and from Saigon – and what she has been doing since leaving Saigon. She has also opened her Photo Album with her 10th grade picture.

Everyone give Diana a BIG WELCOME!!!     🙂

Great having you here Diana! Feel free to make Posts on our Blog and leave Comments to other people’s Posts.

Please Register on the “Blog” the link is on the Menu over there on the right side of the page —->

Also, please sign up for our Newsletter – the Subscribe link is on the Menu —->

Again, WELCOME! We all look forward to sharing our Saigon memories and experiences with you.     🙂


PS: If you don’t mind I’d like to Post your Photo Gallery ‘Bio’ story here on the Blog so everyone can read it – let me know if it is okay with you.

[ Note: For every one’s information: In the Photo Gallery a person’s ‘Bio’ section of their Profile is not ‘viewable’ to other members of the Photo Gallery – unless – and – until – they leave Comments to other member’s photos. Once you leave Comments to under another person’s photos then your ‘Bio’ section of your Profile becomes viewable to other members of the Photo Gallery. No other information in your Photo Gallery Profile is or ever will be viewable to anyone except yourself and me as Admin. ]

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