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Do You Remember Saturday At The Movies

I’m sure we all recall, from the days of our youth, spending Saturday afternoons at the movies when we were younger. As we moved into our teens – Saturday nights at the movie theater was a place we could meet up with our friends (and, hopefully our latest *crush*). Ahh … those sweet memories of pop corn, candy and soda pop while sitting in the back row holding hand (or as the famous song from those by-gone days said, ” … hugging and kissing with …. ” ) as we watched the News Reels (like we really cared about those – lol ), then the cartoons (they were great), and finally the featured movie would appear on the BIG screen as the music sound track echoed through the theater – mesmerizing us into worlds of fantasy, adventures and entertainment.

Close you eyes for a moment as you let your mind drift back to your memories of all thse wonderful afternoons and evenings spent at your local movie theater … sweet aren’t they!?! 🙂

Recently, while sifting through old movies, TV series, and film clips from the 1950s and 1960s it occurred to me that it might be fun to have a *Saturday At The Movies* here on the Blog. The more I viewed these old films – the more I found myself drifting back through my memories to those wonderful days of old when life seemed so simple and innocent.

While living in Saigon, as I recall, there where three theaters we went too – Passage Eden across To Do Street from the Continental Hotel, the Alhambra, and The Kinh Do.

This Saturday will begin *Saturday At The Movies* on the Blog. Films being shown will be a variety of movies from the 50/60s, movie trailers from the era, old TV series, cartoons, and various other films covering a little of everything from the period before our times in Saigon, during our times there, and after we left Saigon through the era we experienced as we grew into adulthood all the way up to the present. Some of these will be short running 5 minutes or so, others will be up to 2 hours long with everything else someplace in between – LOL. Most will be related to Saigon and Viet-nam and/or events of the era and times, as well as, popular movies and shows of that by-gone era.

So grab your pop corn and tune in to *Saturday At the Movies* with Saigon Kids – 🙂

I’ll see ya Saturday night at the Kinh Do …


PS: I hear Kevin will be manning the concession stand in the lobby – LOL – 🙂

5 comments to Do You Remember Saturday At The Movies

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Can I sell drinks, popcorn and candy like I used to at the Alhambra?

    • Sure, Ken … when movies are showing at the Alhambra.

      But then …

      Hmm? … since these are Saigon movie houses, maybe the Con-cession Stands should be put out to bid – lol – whoever pays the biggest bribe gets to sell drinks, candy and popcorn – lol – 🙂

      That is until someone out bribes them … ha ha ha … I seem to recall that is the way business was conducted in Saigon.

      Rock Onnnn …. 🙂


  • Sarah J Rogers

    My first movie in Saigon that I remember was ‘The Burning Bush’ and I think it was at the Alhambra.
    What I do remember is sitting next to KJ, my main crush and soon to be boyfriend!

  • Kevin L. Wells

    Remember guys, I was first, the guy that the PX had to brush aside by charging PX prices!

    The nerve of you guys!!!

    Bribes welcomed, but they will get you nothing!


  • Debbie (Bullock) Maes

    The movie theatre brings back so many memories…was there one time when a bomb went off in the girl’s rest room, in fact left just before that happened. My fondest memories of growning up, being a military brat, and not having long time friends, is my time in Saigon.

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