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I know it has been awhile since I posted to the site. But, I’ve been engrossed in my adventure into the world of cancer; and, doing extensive research about it.


First let me say I was deeply touched and overwhelmed with gratitude by all your comments and emails of encouragement and support.


But, words can’t even begin to express how deeply the compassion you’ve expressed has touched me.

I’m truly blessed to be connected with all of you through this site.

So, were am I at in my journey with cancer? That’s a damn good question – LOL.

In a few days I’ll be making a longer Post with more details, but for now will just give you the short version…

Official diagnosis? None yet.
Treatment options available? None yet.


I found it necessary to fire my Lung Specialist Team. I’d selected this particular group mainly because the head of the team has been recogonize for the past few years as one of the top 10 lung specialist in the country.

(Note: You might have noticed above I said I *fired* them. This might seem strange to some of you, but I view medical professionals as *contract employees*. When I have a need for specialized skills or services, I have a choice of hiring qualified on the payroll employees or hiring qualified individuals on an independent contractor basis. Either way, as their employer, if they don’t perform to my standards and expectations I fire them and replace them with people who will.)

When it became evident they were more interested in how many highly profitable tests, scans, procedures, etc. (many unnecessary) they could rack up before issuing a diagnosis, I fired them.

I’ve assembled a new team and contracted with them. They are in the process of gathering up all my medical records and history. Once they’ve completed that and reviewed it they should have enough information to make a diagnosis and provide available treatment options, etc.

This entire adventure has proven very interesting, to put it mildly. One thing that stands out the most is how they constantly bombard you with *fear tactics*… if you don’t do xyz right now you could die, etc. etc. … Really doctor?! Now tell me something I don’t know. Hell I’ve known all my life I’m going to die. I’ve just never known how or when.

Anyway, that’s where things stand at the moment.

I’ll write another Post with the details of my cancer experiences to date (what a mine field), and my research discoveries which I’m certain most of you will find shocking.

Until then …

Rock Onnn…. Saigon Kidssssssssss


9 comments to DOES BOB HAVE LUNG CANCER?! (UPDATE 9/17/17)

  • brooks kasson

    hi, bob….i totally support you and agree with your ruthless hiring and firing of your medical team. they are, indeed, contractors, and if they cannot support your style of desired treatment, then they certainly do need to be replaced. being in the health service field myself, however minor my role, i recommend that each one of us take far more responsibility for our lives and health than the current systems are set for. good for you!
    the sooner we take responsibility for our own wholeness, the better off everyone is…except maybe the balance sheets of the insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and doctors.
    much more satisfying to have a teammate that is playing the same game i am. whenever i meet a new health provider for the first time, i always ask if i may call them by their first name. their reaction to that question tells me everything i need to know about how they view our relationship. easy vetting process.
    i wish you a deeply satisfying relationship with this new team!
    best to you and yours ,

    • Brooks,

      You hit the nail on the head … take complete responsibility for our own health … or, fall pray to the profiteering of the health care industry.

      Thank you for your well wishes.


  • Suellen O Campbell

    Hang tough, Bob. You did the right thing by firing your health providers. If they aren’t listening to you now, I dread to think what they will do when the going gets more challenging.
    You have every right to fight this battle with your own, trusted sidekicks. Hope this new bunch will be more attentive to YOUR wishes, be open and compassionate with options for you.
    Please know there are so many of us wishing the best for you on this journey and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    My best to you and yours,

  • sarah j rogers

    Good for you Bob. I commend you for taking charge of your life. I am probably one of those wimps that would not but ‘I want to be like you when I grow up’.
    Continue to investigate options and health care providers. Thinking of you with lots of love and aloha.

  • Laurie Methven

    Good to get an update Bob. As I mentioned, my partner had the same diagnosis so am very interested in following your journey. Kris (partner) was as Sarah mentioned, a “wimp” and wouldn’t Q anything. She would get irratated with me when I did. In the front of her journal she has written”if you want to know about the cancer, ask Laurie”. I think she was in a lot of denial.
    Hang in there my friend – as others have said, you are in our thoughts in prayers.


    • Laurie – It’s been my experience most doctors don’t like to be questioned and they don’t like to explain things in detail. They seem to prefer to give vague explanations and answers. Thank you for your supportive words and prayers.


  • Kathy Dobronyi

    Cancer is hard enough to deal with, but when you are “helped” by professionals who are factoring in the bottom line, it’s time to reassess the situation. I’m thankful you are leading with your head instead of your heart in choosing another team.

    Best wishes for you and your family as you begin another phase of your life.

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