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Dawnbuster Show – Who was this Saigon Kid?


One of our Saigon Kids’ father started the Dawnbuster Show on the Armed Forces Radio Station in Saigon. It was later made famous by Robin Williams (as Adrian Cronauer) in “Good Morning, Vietnam”.

Who was this Saigon Kid?

What was the location of the first broadcasts of the show?

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

Clue #5

6 comments to Dawnbuster Show – Who was this Saigon Kid?

  • Randy Seely

    I certainly have the utmost respect for those handy kitchen gadgets we used to see advertised on Home Shopping Network and ‘QVC,’ but, if I’m not mistaken (and having spent 16 years in AFRTS), the name of the show was ‘Dawnbuster,’ also once hosted by Pat Sajak. (Hmmm…now if I only knew who the Saigon Kid was…) Randy

  • Admin

    LOL … Good catch Randy!!

    That dang Ba Muoi Ba will misspell words and change radio shows every time 🙂


  • Randy Seely

    Who was this Saigon Kid?
    — Les Arbuckle

    What was the location of the first broadcasts of the show?
    — Saigon; from the Rex Hotel (which also had some pretty good breakfasts on Sundays, as I recall!)

    Randy Seely

  • Admin

    BINGO! .. You win .. Ken lost … Ken buys us dinner at the place of our choice … lol

    I wouldn’t know about the Sunday breakfasts at The Rex .. I was in church on Sunday mornings … ROFL … confessing my sins of the night before … ROFL


  • Ken

    Remember “Come get me mother, I’m through.”

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I just found this at

    Navy Chief “Buck” Arbuckle NCOIC AFRS Aug 1962

    “Father of the Dawn Buster Show”

    There was also a picture.

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