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Election 2008

I am sitting here in my little home office reading the latest poll information regarding the presidential election and I am nervous as a cat on a hot roof. I think this is the most important election of my lifetime. Having spent so much of my life overseas, having friends in many countries around the world, and listening and reading foreign news reports, I think I have a somewhat different attitude towards the elections than many who live in the U.S. When I wake up tomorrow morning, it will be all over (at least I hope it will be) and we will have a new president-elect.

I hope that before you pull the lever, or mark the ballot, think carefully. Your decision will not only affect you and the people in the United States, but the people around the world. As the world leader, the United States must lead by example, and show the world that we care, not only about American interests but the betterment of the world at large. I voted by absentee and I can only hope that it won’t be discarded for some idiotic reason by some biased Supervisor of Election in my home county in Florida.

OK, I had my say. Now it’s up to you. Ciao – Ken

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