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Elvera’s Documentary

By Elvera Roussel


Just want to give you an update. Last week Sandy Hanna and Les Arbuckle kindly came up on their own dime to join me in presenting ten minutes of footage at Hofstra University as part of their conference on the Vietnam War.

David Maraniss, the Pulitzer prise winning associate editor of the Washington Post, was the Key note speaker. He attended our panel and looked at the footage and said this is a very important project and he is looking forward to seeing the completed documentary.

His book, “They Marched into Sunlight”, is being made into a film by Tom Hanks and will be released in 2013. The book is great and I recommend it.

To those forty five of you whom I have already filmed I thank you for your time and the contributions of the film footage and photographs you have contributed to the documentary and the archives for history.

All of you who I have spoken to but still not gotten to film yet, please get in touch with me at Elveraroussel@aol.com so we can start setting up future dates. And any other SAIGON kids who would like to be part of this are welcomed to contact me as well. And Mike McNally, I would love to hear your evacuation story.

I hope to have this done this year so on a big push.

Have a great summer everyone.

7 comments to Elvera’s Documentary

  • Elvera:

    I am very interested in your project. What is the best way to
    find out more about it?

    Arline Ames Silva
    1961 – 1964

  • Sarah J Rogers

    aloha Elvera,
    Keep pushing! I am so anxious to see your film. I remember how much fun our family had filming with you in San Diego a number of years ago. Mom and Dad were both still alive and loved talking about their experiences.
    Glad to hear the presentation was encouraging.

  • Mike McNally

    Elvera, thanks for mentioning my name, and good luck with your project. Since you were a true Saigon Kid, I’m going to contact you directly and recommend another true Saigon Kid to interview about the closing days. Her father was there to almost the last helicopter and could fill in those details. They might be able to lead you to other Saigon Kids who attended school after the Peace Accord…Mike McNally

  • Michael Erickson


    I am a member of Saigon Kids, though not a former student of ACS. I attended the Phoenix Study Group, the school in Saigon that followed ACS after its closing and operated until April of 1975. I run an e-mail group for former students of that school and would be happy to pass on a message from you to my contacts (100 + former students, teachers, etc., from my school), if you would be interested in interviewing any of them.

  • stevie westmoreland

    Hi Elvera, I was in Saigon from 64 to 65….evacuated with my mom and sibs. How can I help you? and what is your project? Hi to Mike Mcnally.
    stevie westmoreland
    give me your email and we can talk directly

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    Hi Elvera,

    We’ve talked before but have not connected yet for the film. I’m the one with the stories on the coup d’etat in 1962 and worried that I might be rescued by Marines while I had my hair in curlers! I’ll email you.


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