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Most of us older Saigon Kids™ were there during the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It became *our music* and the king of our Rock ‘n’ Roll was Elvis.

Enjoy 4 HOURS of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Definitive Anthology.

Elvis 100 Hits

What’s your favorite Elvis song? Tell us in the Comments below.

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00:00:05 Heartbreak Hotel
00:02:17 Don’t Be Cruel
00:04:23 Hound Dog
00:06:42 Love Me Tender
00:09:28 Too Much
00:12:05 All Shook Up
00:14:05 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
00:15:55 Jailhouse Rock 00:18:25 Don’t
00:21:17 Hard Headed Woman
00:23:16 One Night
00:25:49 A Fool Such As I
00:28:31 A Big Hunk O’ Love
00:30:38 Stuck On You
00:32:55 It’s Now or Never
00:36:12 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
00:39:21 Wooden Heart
00:41:25 Soldier Boy
00:44:33 I Got a Woman
00:47:02 Money Honey
00:49:40 G.I. Blues
00:52:18 Mystery Train
00:54:45 Blue Moon of Kentucky
00:56:51 Fever
01:00:27 Such A Night
01:03:30 That’s All Right
01:05:30 Good Rockin’ Tonight
01:07:46 I Forgot to Remember to Forget
01:10:18 Blue Suede Shoes
01:12:21 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
01:15:04 Love Me
01:17:49 Mean Woman Blues
01:20:06 Treat Me Nice
01:22:21 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
01:24:38 King Creole
01:26:48 Trouble
01:29:08 I Got Stung
01:31:01 I Need Your Love Tonight
01:33:09 A Mess of Blues
01:35:54 Tutti Frutti
01:37:56 Doncha’ Think It’s Time
01:39:56 Long Tall Sally
01:41:52 Baby Let’s Play House
01:44:11 Dirty Dirty Feeling
01:45:47 Rip It Up
01:47:44 Ready Teddy
01:49:44 (You’e So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
01:51:39 I Beg of You
01:53:33 How Do You Think I Feel?
01:55:47 Paralyzed
01:58:15 Tonight Is So Right for Love
02:00:32 What’s She Really Like
02:02:52 Frankfurt Special
02:05:52 Pocketful of Rainbows
02:08:31 Shoppin’ Around
02:10:58 Big Boots
02:12:34 Didja’ Ever
02:15:15 Doin’ the Best I Can
02:18:31 As Long As I Have You
02:20:23 Judy
02:22:36 Dixieland Rock
02:24:27 Lover Doll
02:26:42 Crawfish
02:28:35 Young Dreams
02:31:01 Steadfast, Loyal and True
02:32:20 New Orleans
02:34:23 Young and Beautiful
02:36:26 I Want to Be Free
02:38:42 I Want You With Me
02:40:59 Loving You
02:43:14 Got A Lot O’ Livin’ To Do
02:45:49 Lonesome Cowboy
02:48:53 Hot Dog
02:50:09 Party
02:51:41 Blueberry Hill
02:54:24 True Love
02:56:33 Don’t Leave Me Now
02:58:41 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
03:01:16 I Need You So
03:03:57 Let Me
03:06:09 Poor Boy
03:08:26 We’re Gonna Move
03:10:59 Make Me Know It
03:13:01 The Girl of My Best Friend
03:15:25 I Will Be Home Again
03:18:01 Thrill of Your Love
03:21:03 It Feels So Right
03:23:16 Girl Next Door Went A-Walking
03:25:31 Like A Baby
03:28:13 Reconsider Baby
03:31:56 There’s Always Me
03:34:16 Give Me the Right
03:36:52 It’s A Sin
03:39:35 Sentimental Me
03:42:09 Starting Today
03:44:16 Gently
03:46:36 I’m Comin’ Home
03:49:01 In Your Arms
03:50:56 Put the Blame On Me
03:52:56 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kids™



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