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Fishing Trip to Boise, Idaho: CANCELLED!!

This is really depressing! With the arrival of Spring and Summer on the horizon I got to thinking about how nice it would be to take a trip out to Idaho to do a little fishing and visit with Saigon Kids in the area.

The more I thought about it the more hyped up and excited I got. Then it occurred to me “The Deputy” (Randy) lives in the Boise area. Cool! I can stop by and get together with him and get in a little fishing too. NICE!

I then got on the Internet to check on the Fishing Regulations in Boise, Idaho – I was “SHOCKED” … “Stunned” … with disbelief at what I discovered!!!

It is ILLEGAL (not a good thing when visiting “The Deputy”) in Boise, Idaho to … fish from the back of a camel. What!?! I can’t fish from the back of a camel in Boise!!! What a bummer! What kind of place is Boise anyway that won’t let me fish from the back of camel!! Any good fisherman knows the biggest and best fish are always caught from the back of a camel!!!

Well, it sure is apparent Boise doesn’t want to cater to ‘true anglers’ … to put it mildly!!!

#%&@ to you Boise!!!! I AM CANCELLING my fishing trip!!! AND … I’m spreading the word – world wide to all ‘camel back fisherman’ to ‘black list’ Boise as a camel back friendly fisherman destination!!

Sorry, Deputy Randy … but, I’ll not be stopping by for a visit. But, PLEASE properly notify your City Council and Visitors Bureau that your fair city has been REMOVED from the Camal Back Fisherman’s list of preferred fishing paradises!!

Oh, and thank them for ruining my fishing trip!!

Bob 🙂

8 comments to Fishing Trip to Boise, Idaho: CANCELLED!!

  • Randy Seely

    Camel-back fishing trips were just getting out of hand! The fishing places are abundant and, even though Boise is in the high desert, camels are not required. By the way, Idaho…for the unitiated IS God’s country! Within minutes of Boise is fishing, hunting, winter skiing, hiking, biking…and some of the most gorgeous scenery you could imagine! (Disclaimer: I do not work for the Idaho Tourism Dept).
    And…(drum roll, please…) the BEST part is that, when you feel like fishing, you no longer have to walk a mile for a camel! (cymbol smash here) 😉 Best wishes from Idaho fishes…Randy

  • frank

    Randy, When we left Saigon in August of 1962, I moved to Bozeman, Montana, but my Mom moved back to her hometown of Rigby, Idaho. My Great-Grandfather was one of the founding fathers of Rigby. My Mom’s side of the family was from there and my Dad’s side was from Butte/Anaconda, Montana. It was an interesting coming together of Catholics and Mormons!! I think the results are that most of my Idaho relatives like their drinks!!!

    • Admin

      Frank – you’re Great-Grandfather would be proud to know that “Rigby” became the “birthplace of TV” thanks to one of it’s native son’s – Mr. Farnsworth, who’s initial invention was made while he was still in High School.

      But, it is illegal to fish from the back of a camel in Rigby too!! Dang It!!! Seems to be a State wide law in Idaho. LOL


    • Admin

      Frank – you moved to Bozeman, MT !?! … after Saigon!! Geez, man talk about ‘extremes’ !?! – LOL. There are only 3 reasons a guy would move to Bozeman: 1.) Beer. 2.) Girls. 3.) Both #1 and #2. … Which was it, Frank?????

      ROFL 🙂


  • frank

    Of course they only drink beer when they fish! Nope! No camels in southeastern Idaho either…don’t want to break the law! Besides, my relatives would never walk a mile! Every time they try to do that, someone steps on their hands.

  • Admin

    @ “The Deputy” (Randy) … okay, so I can’t fish from a camels back in Idaho (it’s a state wide law). Soo, okay … no big deal – I thought!! I’ll just fish from the back of a giraffe in Boise as all fishermen know the next best thing to fishing from a camel’s back is fishing from a giraffe’s back … right!?!

    Well – DANG IT!!!

    In Boise: “Residents may not fish from a giraffe’s back.”

    Hmm … there may be a loop hole here … keyword being “residents”! Hmm? Does this law pertain to ‘non-residents’ also!?!

    Deputy Randy, could you please ask your boss – the “High Sheriff” of Boise for clarification? Speicifically, if ‘non-residents’ of Boise are allowed to fish from a giraffe’s back!?!

    Let me know as soon as possilbe, as my fishing gear is still packed.


    Bob 🙂

  • Mike Gutter

    I think I heard that they had wild buffalo up in that part of the country. Maybe you could fish from the buffalo backs. But, of course, you would have to round them up first. VBG!!!

    • Admin

      LOL Mike … buffalo round up … could be a fun Saigon Kids get together – lol. BUT, I’m got getting on the back of one … when I was young and dumb I got talked into riding bulls in rodeo’s for about 6 months … and bulls are not nearly as crazy as buffalo!! My great uncle used to raise buffalo on his farm in Missouri … they are totally CRAZY!!! – beast – LOL 🙂


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