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Former 3rd Field Hospital Personnel – I need your HELP

I frequently receive notes like the following:

Can you please email me of any further reunions? My step father just found out about the September 2011 reunion, he was very sad about that. He has suffered many health issues including two open hearts since he came home from Vietnam, and lately it is all he wants to talk about. I love listening to his stories. He drove medical supply truck and was flown home March 28th. Please feel free to contact me. He has found a site that shows what the field hospital was like in ’65 and he has gone over that with me many times. Any contact with old comrades I believe he would enjoy. Thank you very much.

Donna Johnson
donna.meier [@] stryker.com

I would like to add a separate Page to this site with a list of links to all 3rd Field Hospital websites and how to contact and connect with 3rd Field Hospital groups. This would provide a central place to refer interested parties to connect with 3rd Field Hospital groups, etc.

Please leave the URL’s to any 3rd Field Hospital (or related) websites in the Comments section below.

Also, any and all other information you are aware of that would make it easy for folks to re-unite with former comrades from 3rd Field Hospital.

And, who folks should contact for reunion information and updates, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.


4 comments to Former 3rd Field Hospital Personnel – I need your HELP

  • Darryl Henley

    I was with 3rd Field Hospital from 10/65 to 4/67. Will be happy to provide information and share experiences during my tenure at the old American Community School. Have many photos. No news about future reunions, except that I have heard from some attendees that it was a great success and plans are already being made for another reunion. I have organizer’s contacts list. Darryl Henley, Los Banos, CA

  • Mike McNally

    3rd Fielders and Saigon Kids should consider joining two Yahoo Groups, CICV and MACV-DAO. No need to have worked at either location. No need to ever “speak” at the sites. Just look at pix and info, if you wish. It’s easy to post pix. We’d love to see them. Both Group moderators have graciously allowed the Groups to become clearinghouses for all things related to Saigon and VN, past to present. Just go to Yahoo and look for Groups. Follow the directions for CICV and MACV-DAO. Tell your friends. Thanks.

  • Ed Meadowcroft

    I’m trying to find a list of the personnel who came to Nam via the USNS UPSHUR with the 51st field hospital. I am looking in particular for Joe Moreo, Junior Keenan (or Keenan Jr)and John Fugate (not sure of spellings). I will be grateful for any help you can give me.

    My E-mail address is subman301 [@] yahoo.com & phone is 908.283.3293

    Ed Meadowcroft

  • Marlin "tuna" Bauhard

    I was in the x-ray dept at the 3rd field from 3/70 to 12/70. Jack Maun was one of the radiologist as was a major Wilson. Ron Vollstedt was there as was Don Choice etc. It was an interesting time in Saigon. We went back in 2008–best vacation ever. Part of the hospital is a military museum. Out front in that big triangle there are tall trees and paved streets. Down town is much the same Rex hotel zoo etc. We went with Gate 1 and our first hotel was 3 doors down from the old front gate. Oh Dave Olliver was there in physical therapy.

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