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Francois Sully photographs of Vietnam

A collection of about 1,000 b&w photos taken by a French journalist in Saigon (principally early to middle 1960s) is available online at the Healey Library of the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Most are military related, some with U.S. military men identified by name, from NCOs up through Gen. Westmoreland. But there are also scenes of American civilians in Saigon, the embassy (both old and new), one of the Cercle Sportif pool even.

There are several that may interest Saigon Kids, including an undated one showing 3 American Boyscouts at an airfield in Nha Trang. Another dated February 1966 shows a young American woman identified as “English teacher Sandra Williams” (but doesn’t tell where she taught). A third is entitled “American Community School; Saigon” (dated February 18, 1964) and shows an American man in white shirt and bowtie standing under the front walkway of the school with a helmeted and armed American soldier standing above him on the roof of the walkway. Another is entitled “American housewives at the U.S. Commissary after buying the week’s groceries” and is dated January 6, 1965.

Click Here and click on the link for “View digital collection here”, which takes you to the first of over 50 webpages of 20 thumbnails each in the library collection. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a larger version that allows for downloading a copy to your computer.

Enjoy! Maybe you’ll spot someone you knew!

Bruce Thomas

3 comments to Francois Sully photographs of Vietnam

  • Admin

    Bruce – Thanks for the Post and the link to UM site. There are some great pictures there of Viet-nam. As you say, mostly military – but, mixed in with the military photos are many others of Viet-nam and Saigon – check it out folks.

    By the way, the picture of the guy at the school with the military guard on the roof was taken the day the Palace was bombed.


  • Bruce Thomas

    Bob – The date for the picture of the man at the school is given as 18 February 1964 (several months after Ngo dinh Diem was assassinated), which was two years after the palace was bombed. But you’re on to something — turns out the Kinh Do Theater was bombed during the previous week before the picture was snapped. That would have sure heightened security at the school!

    • Admin

      Bruce – could be after the Kinh Do Theater bombing. Now if I could only remember ‘where’ I came across that same picture in the past with a caption telling what it was and why it was taken, etc. – lol – 🙂

      Anyone else recall this picture – who? – what? – why? – when? – it was taken????

      Who was there in ’64 that recalls anything about this picture??


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