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Gecko Yearbooks: Now *Flipping* Books

I’m in the process of moving the American Community School Saigon Gecko yearbooks from the Photo Gallery section of the site to there own page on the site.

They will now be viewable by clicking on the *Gecko Yearbooks* tab located at top of the page.

I’ve made them into *flipping* books so they’ll be more like flipping through a printed copy.

The 1960 edition is available for viewing now. The remaining yearbooks will be available soon.

This should make it easier for you to locate and view the yearbooks.

Enjoy – 🙂


9 comments to Gecko Yearbooks: Now *Flipping* Books

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Bob, you old workhorse, constantly thinking up new stuff for the site. Hope your are now running on all 12 cylinders and both headlights are functioning OK. Don’t over do it…you ain’t no spring chicken anymore.

    • Ken – Thanks! Yep, all is good … and rock n rollin’ – 🙂 And, you’re right, I ain’t no spring chicken CUZ I’m a CLOD (Clods are Roosters!) – LOL – 🙂


  • Maile Doyle

    Hi Bob, I went to, but didn’t see a link to the yearbook…

    • Hi Maile,

      The yearbooks are not on SaigonKids.Com website. They are on THIS site.

      Look at the TOP of this page. You’ll see a *Menu* across the top. Look for *GECKO YEARBOOKS* tab. Click on it.

      Rock Onnnn … 🙂

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Bob, observation, not a complaint on the “flippin” yearbooks….when I open the one currently available, the original size upon opening is too small to read, but when I expand it using the + inside the magnifying glass, it overflows the screen. Can it be adjusted so that full screen is just that, meaning all of the page is visible in full screen. Or is it my computer? Ken

    • Ken – Such is the beast with FREE programs – LOL. And, now you know why the rest of the yearbooks haven’t been made into flipping books yet – LOL. I’m still attempting to tweak the program so while in *zoom in* mode the pages are the same size as the screen. In the mean time just follow the viewing instructions, while in *zoom in* mode just scroll side to side or up and down by using the scroll bars or dragging with mouse. I’m also working on how to make the books larger (readable) while in normal viewing mode (without overflowing the screen) to make zooming in unnecessary – hopefully – LOL. This is the problem with most of the free programs, they leave a lot to be desired – which is why they are free – LOL. Of course, they have fully loaded upgraded *paid* versions available for just a few dollars more ($300 to $700) – LOL.

      Rock Onnn …. 🙂

  • jim lou

    I looked at the 1960 Gecko and couldn’t my picture.

    I arrived in August(?) 1960 in the 5th grade. I started the same day as Eileen Sabbatini(?).

    When I looked at the picture for 5th grade I didn’t see either of us.

    Is it because the 1960 reflected 1959/1960 school year? If so then I should wait for 1961.

    • Jim – Yes, the 1960 Gecko yearbook is for the school year 1959/1960. If you arrived in August 1960 you would have been in the 1960/1961 school year and Gecko yearbook. If you’ll recall the school year at ACS in Saigon started in June/July and ended in March/April the next year.


  • Jim, you and Elena are in the class picture on page 101 of the 1961 Gecko. Well, at least Tseng Ming Lou is in that picture with Elena. 😉

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