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Gene Taylor joins Blog (vintage 1955 -57)

Gene Says …

I know none of this early 60’s group as we were in Saigon from July of 1955 through May of 1957…left when I was 10. My dad was an Army officer with MAAG. I have slides I have converted to CD/DVD, etc. of Cercle Sportif,our house on Rue de Gaulle (later Cong Ly)–looking for some of my older brother’s friends with last names of Olsen or Olson and one named Steve Early. Also have images of Cap St-Jacques in those years. Anyone out there of my era?


Gene Taylor…old fart in Texas.


Gene WELCOME to the Blogosphere!!! 🙂

To my knowledge you are probably the “oldest Saigon Kid” … Does anyone else know of any Saigon Kids from Gene’s time frame in Saigon?

Myself and few of the others here were in Saigon during 1959 – 61 time frame.

This is AWESOME Gene … you have pictures of Cap St-Jacques in mid-1950’s … I’ve been looking high and low for such pictures. I’ll email you about them.

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As to people from your time frame in Saigon, there are still a few around. Stick around here, as we are discovering more and more all the time. You never know who will turn up next.

Everyone give Gene a BIG WELCOME!! 🙂


PS: Frank are you in contact with any of the older Saigon Kids that might have infromation of kids in Saigon before 1959??

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