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Greg Moore Joins Blog

Greg Moore has joined us in the Blogosphere. Greg was at ACS during 1964 and 1965.

Greg is now living in Washington State with his wife Sandi. I’ll let him fill you in on the rest of the details of his life since departing Saigon.

He has quite a collection of American Community School and Saigon memorabilia which he’ll be graciously sharing with all of us Saigon Kids.

He is in the process of scanning and converting them to eBook (pdf format) and will be forwarding them to me as he completes them. Once received I’ll be uploading them to the blog for your viewing pleasure.

The items he has include the following:

  • 1964 – 1964 ACHS Student Handbook
  • Teen Scene by Barbara Bush – published in The Saigon Post, 17 issues around June 1964
  • The Bamboo Beacon – Vol. I No. 6 – 4 Feb. 1964
  • The Bamboo Beacon – Vol. I No. 8 – 29 April 1964
  • The Bamboo Beacon – Vol. II No. 1 – 27 Oct. 1964
  • The Bamboo Beacon – Vol. II No. 2 – 2 Dec. 1964
  • The Bamboo Beacon – Vol. II No. 3 – 23 Dec. 1964
  • The Observer – Vol II No. 27 – 9 Nov. 1963
  • The Observer – Vol III No. 23 – 11 Oct. 1964
  • Daily News Briefs – MACV – Vol. I No. 91 – 8 Oct. 1964
  • Daily News Briefs – MACV – Vol. I No. 92 – 9 Oct. 1964
  • And, a number of photographs

I’m sure we’ll all find these very, very interesting and a wonderful trip down memory lane back to good old Saigon in the days of our youth.

Greg, *THANK YOU* so very, very much for your wonderful contribution to our Saigon Kids family. I’m sure everyone joins me when I say – MUCH APPRECIATED!

Everyone give Greg a *BIG WELCOME* – 🙂

Great having you here Greg. Please feel free to write Posts and leave Comments to other people’s Posts.

Welcome home to your Saigon Kids family, Greg!

Rock Onnn … Saigon Kids – 🙂


13 comments to Greg Moore Joins Blog

  • Judy Divers Plymale

    I am returning to Vietnam in about 6 weeks. I attended the American school in Saigon, followed by a couple of years in Dalat. How can I find old city maps of Saigon. I lived on Tu Duc street. I understand that the street names were changed. I very much want to find my old home
    If anyone can help me with this…I would VERY MUCH appreciate it

    • Admin

      Welcome Judy! 🙂

      Great having you here.

      CLICK HERE to view a copy of a 1963 map of Saigon with old street names. A link to this map is also located on the *left* Menu bar of our blog under ACS Library section. The map is in PDF format so you can print it out and/or download it to save on your computer.

      What years where you in Saigon? What grades in school?

      Please feel free to visit often and share you Saigon experiences and memories with everyone by making Posts to the blog and leaving Comments to others Posts.

      Also, you might want to subscribe to our The Saigon Gecko newsletter – the subscribe box is located at the top right of this page.

      Again, WELCOME to our Saigon Kids family. We are all glad you found us – 🙂


      • Judy Divers Plymale

        Thanks so much for the map. I am glad I found y’all also. Memories have faded over time and I am sure that reading memories of other will rekindle mine.

  • Ken

    @ Judy – How can I get in touch with your sisters, Diane and Lizz? Your Dad was one of my teachers (American History) when I attended Dalat. Hope you can help me. Ken

    • Judy Divers Plymale

      You have been in touch with Diana and possibly Lizz. I apologize that I did not respond but I have not been back on this site for awhile. I will need to bookmark it. Were you in Saigon and then moved to Dalat?

  • Bruce Thomas


    I have compared the old map on this site to a more recent one on the Internet – Click Here to view map.

    Your old Tu Duc Street is now called Nguyen Van Thu.

    Suppose you’re standing smack dab in front of the old Presidential Palace (now Reunification Palace), facing away from it down the broad boulevard (now called Le Duan). Go 3 blocks on Le Duan (you’ll pass the Catholic Cathedral on your right at the 2nd street) to Hai Ba Trung Street (it’s still got the same name) and turn left. Then going along Hai Ba Trung, the street you’re looking for (Nguyen Van Thu) will be the 4th one on your right (just past the Petronas Building).

    Bruce Thomas

    • Judy Divers Plymale

      I am SO grateful for this information! There is no doubt that I will now be able to find the home. I know that there is so much change in Saigon, that without some details I probably had little chance of locating what I wanted to. Thanks so much!
      A curiosity question…Do you have any idea who owned the homes that the American families lived in in the eatly 60s?

      • Admin

        Judy – most of the homes that we all lived in while in Saigon during the late 50s and early 60s were owned by local Vietnamese and French families. The military, missionary and various American agencies contracted with the various property owners to rent the homes for their personnel, etc. For the individual property owners is was a *blessing* as renting to the Americans was *guaranteed* rent payments and generally at above the local market rate for rent. One of the few exceptions would be the JDP Compound out by the airport. It was built and run by JDP for their personnel.


        • Judy Divers Plymale

          Thanks for the feedback. As a child (naturally) I never gave that any thought. Also, is there a way to look up “kids” on this site by name. My father worked for one Col Osborne around 1960-62. I wanted to see if there was an Osborne regestered as having attended school during those yers

          • Judy – To look for who has registered on the Blog here look in the “Categories” on the left side Menu area. Any Saigon Kids who have registered on the blog will be listed there. Also, the *master* alumni Directory is maintained by Roy on our – Saigon Kids Web Site. There is a link to it from here. Link is located on left side Menu area at the bottom under “Saigon Kids Site”. Click the link “Home Page” which will take you to the site. Once there click on the “Contact” link (left side menu). Then send Roy an email asking him for a Password to enter the Directory section (it’s password protected to keep everyone’s contact information private and viewable by only other Saigon Kids). I just checked it, there are no Osborne’s listed. Nor, are there any registered to the blog here. The 1960 and 1961 Gecko Year books are located in our Photo Gallery (see link on left Menu area). You can look through them for Osborne kids. But, you’ll have to look page by page through the class pictures, etc. You might also trying searching the ClassMates.com site, as well as, Face Book and My Space sites. Several Saigon Kids are on those sites. Some of which have not yet found our Blog or Saigon Kids Web Site. Also, if you sign up on our Blog with Google Friends Connect it will connect you into other ‘social network’ sites where you might bump into people you knew in Viet-nam (and other places too). The Friends Connect sign up box is located on the top left side of the page on the Blog here.

            By my best guess, I’d estimate there are around 2,500 to 3,000 kids who attended ACS and/or lived in Saigon from the mid 1950s through primarily 1965 (tho a few remained until 1975). Over the past 12 years we’ve only been able to locate and reconnect with about 200-250 of them. So, it is an on-going search – LOL – 🙂

            I hope this helps – 🙂


            • Judy Divers Plymale

              You have been so much help. Thank you for the effort that you are putting into trying to provide a mechanism for reconnecting. There has been much information that I have obtained from this site that has been/will be very helpful. Hopefully more”kids” will locate the site as time goes by

  • Diana Divers Webb

    Great to hear from you Ken. Will e-mail you soon.

    I am Judy Divers Plymale sister. Lizz and I attended Brent School in Bagio while Judy was in Sagon attending school. We then moved to Dalat where we went to school at the Christian Missionary Alliance School. Yes, Daddy was Ken and my History Teacher. Wasn’t he a hard teacher, Ken!??? He loved us doing essays!Hope Judy finds where we lived in Saigon.

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