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Guess who this is …

Hint: It is “THE KING” and “HIS QUEEN”

Don’t you just love “THE KING’s” … ROYAL outfit … such a fashion statement!

The King and Queen

If you know this Royal couple … pleaseeeeeeeeee leave your Comments below …


5 comments to GUESS WHO????

  • Ken

    Now who in the modern world wouldn’t recognize Vicki and Randy. Until I get to see some recent photos of the two, this is exactly how I remember both. I rather suspect, however, that after 45+ years, they may have aged a bit…Would you believe that I actually had hair back then? I always fought the weight and that continues through today, but my height has remained relatively constant….One thing that has not changed…I am no smarter today that back then. Thank God I got a job with the government…otherwise; I’d probably be a bag-guy, pushing a shopping cart around somewhere, looking for empty bottles.

    [Ken, the way I hear it, you are emptying bottles … lol, Bob]

    Say, does anyone remember that good looking teacher Mrs. Rodriguez? Taught geometry. Drove a funny little French auto. HOT…. Cool it Bob…keep your comments to yourself….lol. Had a bit of a passion for her….Oh well, another that got away.

    [Ken, were you the teachers pet? … lol … I had a French teacher like that while attending school in Hawaii. I didn’t learn French that year (too much distraction at the front of the room) but she did give me a complimentary passing grade as she said to me “some day you’ll regret you didn’t study better in my class” … her words echoed in my mind the first time I went to the Cercle Sprotiff and met Mimi and her girl friends there … Oh, how I wished I’d studied my French better!!! … lol. Bob ]

    OK, we got the Suzie Hunt mystery solved except for locating her. Yeah, she was a good looking number. Still got one photo to go. Please check out: http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm91/krygwy/. Someone has to remember her…Lord knows I don’t, damn it.
    OK the fiscal year is almost over and I will be on the road by 0900 on Wednesday, heading home, finally. More later. Keep the faith. Ken

  • RandySeely

    Ken said, “Until I get to see some recent photos of the two, this is exactly how I remember both.”

    Well, I still looking exactly the same, except I have a best that fits! 🙂 Ok…and maybe my hair’s a little thinner…and…greyer. And..well, maybe I have a few wrinkles. And I take Glucosamine like I’m eating M&M’s. And…well, that’s pretty much it! Other than those few things, I’m the same Randy, except with grandkids. Oh, yeah…and I take Glucosamine for my joints like I’m eating M&M’s! Best wishes…King Randy!

  • RandySeely

    Ken: Was just perusing different comments on different pages…and ran across yours again, and ended up checking out your PhotoBucket site with family pix. Very nice family,indeed…Just curious…does your son live in Germany as well..or is he living/working elsewhere? I have 3 sons…#1 works for Southwest Airlines; #2 is law enforcement, working with gang/DEA/FBI violent crimes unit; #3 is a prison guard. I’m proud that my ‘growing up’ years have instilled a good sense of integrity with my boys; I’m sure you do with your son as well! Best wishes… Randy!

  • Ken

    Randy, Thanks for the comments on my family. My son lives in Florida where he has resided since his mom and I split back in 1973. He grew up in the Orlando area and has a good job there working for a telecommunications consulting firm. He’s told me what he does but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but hey, never was the sharpest tack in the box. He did visit with my wife and I while we were posted in Burundi, China, Czechoslovakia and Austria, but most of his life was apart from mine, much the pity. One of the real drawbacks of military/diplomatic lifestyle is separation from family and friends and I can strongly attest to that. I guess that’s one reason why connecting with folks like you, even over the internet, has been such a great thrill for me, people that I hung around with 45 years ago. Its great.
    Take care and yes, be proud of your boys – Ken

  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    Hi Randy Seely!!!
    I’ve been trying to get hold of you. Are you up to a dinner with two ladies from your past? Jane Reiser and I are having dinner Sunday evening in Boise. Would love for you and your lovely wife to join us. Please contact me.

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