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Hamburger: This Is The Question …

There seems to be varied opinions about the best hamburgers in Saigon. So, the question is …

Back when we all lived in Saigon, where could you get the BEST HAMBURGER in Saigon?

Please leave your answers as Comments below …


(This should be interesting … lol ) 🙂

4 comments to Hamburger: This Is The Question …

  • Ken

    Hummmm. Being a person who loves his food, I should know the answer to this but hey, our palettes vary and of course change with age (maturity?). Anyway, I don’t know the answer, but does anyone besides me recall those great little sandwiches one could buy in a little sidewalk shack outside the main post office building opposite the cathedral? The ham and chicken were great (at least I think it was ham and chicken…who knows now?).

    Cheers – Ken

  • Admin

    Ken … Rule #1 of eating in Asia: DO NOT ask what it is, just eat it. If you like it, keep eating it. If you don’t like it (or it does not like you), the facilities are down the hall, 3rd door to the left. LOL 🙂

    Wasn’t that ‘shack’ outside the post office called “The Water Buffalo Cafe” .. LOL

    I don’t think anyplace served hamburgers when I was in Saigon (59-61). But, I do recall Mrs. Smith (Larry and Cheryl Smith’s mom) served up some tasty burgers at parties we had at Larry’s house.

    Anybody else recall any “Burger Joints” in Saigon?

    Hmmm? I wonder if there was a White Castle in Saigon… LOL


  • The Bowling alley and the USO had the only burgers I ever ate in Saigon. They were thin little things, just like you would get at a greasy spoon stateside. A little mustard, some iceberg lettuce, maybe a slab of American cheese and the next thing you know, you’re in Ohio! Kind of…

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    No hamburgers, but I loved the soup of the day at SingSings, a noodle shop across from the PX. It was my favorite place to go for Vietnamese food.

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