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Happy Birthday America – Happy Independence Day to everyone!

Today we celebrate the 232nd birthday of America. Known as Independence Day (or more commonly today as The 4th of July). All across the country we’ll be gathering with friends and family to celebrate our “independence” as Americans. As we celebrate with parades, festivals, picnics, BBQ’s, fireworks shows, and gatherings of friends, family and communities … let’s not forget to put the “Independence” back in Independence Day.

Here is a video that talks about what we are really celebrating today … as envisioned and established by our founding fathers … in 1776.

As we enjoy the festivities today, let us not forget about all those who came before us, their suffering and the sacrifices they made to preserve our “Independence”. Nor, let us not forget those who today are making personal sacrifices to continue the preservation of our “Independence” … then let us ask ourselves … what more can I do, in my life time to preserve “Independence” for future generations?

For those of you who have done or are continuing to do your part to preserve my “Independence” … I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the sacrifices you’ve made for “Independence”.

I wish you all a wonderfully fantastic Independence Day …. but, most importantly may it also be … SAFE!


PS: Frank … Pass the Ba Muoi Ba around and let’s all toast to Independence! … 🙂

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