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Happy Mother’s Day to all MOM’s – YOU’RE SPECIAL!

Today is Mother’s Day. The special day of the year

when we stop the world to honor and show our

respect for all the mothers of the world … those

who have come before us, who are with us now,

and those to be in the future …

How does one put into words … the feelings,
emotions and love they feel when they think about
the wonderful blessing of Mothers …

Heaven’s Gift

I do not know where Mothers come from
I know not how they think
I can’t imagine how they love
Or why they all like pink

I’m so impressed by what they do
And how strong they are
I marvel at how they hold a child
And carry them so long

Mothers come from somewhere else
They can’t be from this earth
They are a brighter gem
Like diamonds of great worth

Now as I think of those I know
Mothers sweet and fair
I think I have discovered, a fact

I said they don’t come from this earth
I know I am right
As they come from Heaven’s Home
They are precious in the Creator’s sight

He made them each, with love and care
In his home above
And blessed them with creative strength
Then blessed them with love

How blessed we are for the Creator’s great gift
These Mothers we cherish so
So love, respect and gratitude
Are all things we should show

On this special day as we honor
Heaven’s Gift … Mothers!

From the Saigon Kids 🙂


1 comment to Happy Mother’s Day to all MOM’s – YOU’RE SPECIAL!

  • Ken

    Thanks Randy for thinking of all of the moms out there, especially those that are no longer with us. I, too, lost my mom three months ago and I miss her terribly, despite the fact that I’ve been gone from home for well over 40 years. But life goes on until it stops. So kisses to all of the moms out there and hope your day was special.

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