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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come One, Come All!



March 2012 Saigon

Saigon Kids

We would like to make an important announcement.

We will have a Saigon Kids Reunion in March 2012 in Vietnam.

We hope as many folks come as possible. Whatever the time, money and effort it takes, you will find it well worth it. You have about two and a half years to think, plan and save money for the trip.

Arlene, Roy and Frank did a lot of talking since the 2009 reunion.

We realized that not only had the days of our youth in Saigon been great memories, but we also gained new, fond memories of the Vietnam of today. It is such a terrific country. Why not spend time there with folks that everyone (no matter when they lived there) has something in common with. It is so important for us to share our unique experiences with each other. We think everyone must have a certain amount of these thoughts.

We all have deep-seated memories of our times in Saigon. This reunion will mean so much to many of you. Do you realize that most of us are twenty to twenty five years older now than what our parents were when we lived in Saigon? As someone said the other day, “you have so many plans. How much longer do you think you’ll live?” – lol So anyways! Don’t put this one off!

2012 is the year of the “Dragon”. This is a very special year! You now have the opportunity to make it even more special. Tell others about it! Get your friends to come! Email them this announcement; write them a letter, or whatever it takes.

We have a lot of ideas about how the reunion should be. Remember we are still in the planning stage, but our main goal is to make a reunion that covers all aspects of Saigon life of how you knew it. Parties, dinners, shopping, tours, and just plain hanging out together is our goal. We want a reunion that is all-inclusive and brings everyone together. We are working on a special project that would be aimed at giving something back to the country. Perhaps we will visit an orphanage and see what we can do for the Vietnamese. Do you have parents that did such things when they were in Saigon?

Vietnam is a long trip, so you may wish to make your stay in Vietnam a little longer than just for the reunion. Vietnam is a very easy country to travel in. Some of us plan to be in Hoi An for a “Pre-Reunion” get together before Saigon. It is such a wonderful little town, good shopping (tons of tailor shops), good food, relatively inexpensive, and a great beach (China Beach) near by.

The full moon is on 8 March 2012. Some of you may not know it, but the Saigon Kids Reunion dates are always chosen with the full moon in mind. The town of Hoi An floats lanterns down the river on the night of the full moon!

If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or whatever please feel free to contact Arlene, Roy and Frank. Roy will be posting updates on SaigonKids.com and of course we’ll be going through the “Blog” for various discussions.

Much more information and details will become available later. This is really to give you “A HEADS UP”!

Arlene, Frank and Roy

As always, you are welcome to leave your Comments below.

9 comments to Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come One, Come All!

  • Mimi

    Hello everyone…here I am now in deep thoughts once again..to go or not to go…well, there is still time, so we’ll see.

    On another matter…after the Ist of July(canada day) the 4th (your day) it will be tomorrow the 14 th of july(the french day). So if you have any french friends, it is time to say hello, if you have access to TV5 (the french international tv sttaion)you can watch the military parade on the “Champs”…always a feast…and if none of the above you can sing the “marseillaise” in the shower..lol.
    xxx mimi

    • Admin

      Hello Mimi – 🙂

      Well, a belated July 1st (Canada Day) to you – a Happy July 4th (USA) to you – and wishing you a fantastic July 14th (French Day) … whewww … sure hope I got them all covered – LOL!!!

      Hmm – Think I’ll go sing in the shower now … LOL – but will take my acoustic guitar with me, as I don’t think playing the “electric” guitar in the shower would be a good idea … ha ha ha 🙂

      Have fun …


  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    I look forward to returning to Vietnam again. I had such a great time at our 2009 reunion as well as visiting Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. I especially like the idea a giving something back to the country. Maybe we could raise some money and present a check to a worthy organization. I saw so many people deformed from agent orange and napalm that I was very disturbed to see what legacy we left behind. Let’s see if we can bring a little hope to some Vietnamese from those of us who had enjoyed the beauty of the people and the country while we lived in Vietnam as kids.


  • Admin

    Ruth – very well stated!

    “Legacy” – a most interesting word.

    A Thought To Ponder – What ‘legacy’ will Saigon Kids leave to the world????????



  • Ray

    If you send out e-mail updates on the reunion, please put me on the list. I went to American Community School from the late 50s to December of 1964.

    Saw the photos and posting from your 2009 reunion… sure would love to plan to go with your group in 2012.

    • Admin

      Ray – If you’d like to be on the mailing list please subscribe to the “Newsletter” through the link on the Menu over there on the right side of this page. Once you’ve subscribed to the Newsletter and mailing list you’ll receive updates on a regular basis.

      You might also want to Register on the Blog too.


  • Glad to see another reunion is being planned. I am certainly looking forward to making this one. The photos from the last one were great.

  • Sandy Hanna

    I would be happy to assist in whatever is necessary with the Saigon Reunion. I think it is a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to the return. Please feel free to contact me. Sandy

  • I’m very glad to be in the loop about this reunion. I’d really like to make this one, esp since I’ve never been back. I think it’s a wonderful idea too.

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