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HELLO 2009

Hello and welcome to 2009 Saigon Kids!   🙂

In many ways, it seems like just yesterday I stepped off the plane in Saigon. Yet, it was a half a century ago. Five decades ago. WOW! How time flies! And, here we all sit today … in front of our computers, scattered all over the world … yet, still connected as Saigon Kids. In my wildest dreams during Saigon days, I never imagined we’d all be sitting here half a century later sharing with each other and caring about each other … just as we did when we were in Saigon together, so many years ago. Can it get anymore AWESOME then this?! I don’t think so! WOW! How blessed we are to have been able to live during the times we have enjoyed in our lifetime.

2009 has arrived … a new year … new beginnings … with new adventures on the horizon … what memories will Saigon Kids create this year? … to reflect back on in the future … many, many I hope!

Happy 2009 Saigon Kids! I love you all! Thank you for being a part of my life and everything you’ve meant to me in this journey called … life.

All ya’ll are wonderful … I’m blessed to know you!   🙂


4 comments to HELLO 2009

  • RandySeely

    Hi, Bob…and SK’s — Happy New Year! I consider myself quite fortunate to have discovered this oasis of previous (and, hopefully, future…) friendships. Like Bob, I find myself to be incredibly fortunate to be able to sit in front of my computer and comment about things…no matter how miniscule…that helped formulate who I am today. It’s like sitting in a living room and talking over old times with family;let’s face it…we ARE members of a special ‘family’ who can relate to what others are talking about. I wish everyone the very best in 2009 — and, for those whom I know and those who I have yet to meet…thanks for coming to this watering hole to share wonderful memories! Happy New Year! Randy

  • Ken

    As one of those who always has something to say about everything, let me add my two cents. A) Happy New Year to all and may 2009 be the best year of your life; B) I agree with Bob and Randy. Being a Saigon Kid is something special and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the videos and pictures and reading what everyone writes. Being connected by internet has made all of this possible and it has added a dimension to my life that I never thought would happen.

    For many years I never thought twice about my Saigon days. But one day I suddenly (and I have no idea why) wondered what ever happened to Brooksie Toland and (blessed be the name Google) after searching her name and got a hit, I discovered Roy’s site and the rest is (recent) history. Writing back and forth with old school mates has just been a thrill and I am so pleased to know that most everyone went on to good marriages, careers and of course, wonderful families.

    Some day if and when I do a trip back to the US and have the time and money to do a tour, look out, I may be knocking on your door, if just to have a cup of coffee and a chat about the good old days. Consider yourselves warned !!!!!

    In the meantime, enjoy your life and the lives of those you love. Ken

  • mimi

    Hello hello from the frozen north and Happy New Year to you all! I know I am late, but I do like the french who still wish HNY in february!!! On the other hand, I am in time for the other new year, Year of the buffalo, which starts on jan 26th.
    In order to have a good (viet-nameese)year there are a few easy rules to follow on that day:
    The first person who walks into your home will influence the year, make sure it is someone you like/trust. Or do what my great grand mother used to do: she would go out and then back in, first thing in the morning just to make sure!!!
    Do not do any of the things you usually dislike, house chores, paying bills…etc.it should have been done before so you don’t even have it on your mind.
    Try to keep cool whatever happens, it is no day for getting into fits or arguments.
    You can skip some of the other customs, not very appropriate for western countries, like blowing fire crackers in front of your door to chase the bad spirits away, having branches of yellow blooms in the house, eating red eggs and so on…

    So, with that in mind, you should have a happy, healthy, prosperous year, and this is what I wish for all of you.

    I am very eager to have the impressions of our travelers when they are in viet-nam, I suppose in due time, we will be told how to connect.

    Love to you all.

  • frank

    Mimi, Got up yesterday morning to do my bills. I read your Tet message first, so put off doing the “bills” until today.
    Susan also did what your Great Grandmother did. Whatever helps…We are willing to do it.
    Thanks for the Tet information and you have a great New Year! Frank

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