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Nice to see this blog on the ACS site, Bob! Funny after, all the long years, Saigon is still an important part of our fabric — after all, not everyone could live in such an exotic place and have it mean so much to all of us! After Saigon, we returned to Ft Eustis, Va., where somehow I managed to graduate from HS in ’65. Then, I went into the USAF for 20 years and retired in ’86. In ’71, while stationed in Italy, I got into broadcasting…and was lucky enough to stay in radio and tv for 30 years. After 9/11 (I was working at an ‘oldies’ station at the time…) the corporate gods deleted my job from the budget, and I went into something a little different — law enforcement. I’m now a deputy, working at the county jail here in Boise, Idaho (which is great, since I now get to see more of some of the folks I worked with in radio!) My wife, Sandy, and I have 3 married sons….5 grandchildren…and love to take vacation cruises — #9 is coming up in August. Plus, I’m planning a 28-day freighter trip within the next 2 years with an old Air Force buddy.

I hope…I know…this blog is going to give a lot of old friends the chance to re-connect. Of all the places I lived as an Army ‘brat,’ Saigon still has the best, most vivid, memories. A big hello to all who I knew in Saigon…and to those I didn’t. We all share that one common thread…Saigon! Best wishes to all…Randy Seely

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  • Admin

    Hello Randy!

    Welcome to the Blogospere!

    Great post!

    I agree, it is most amazing how after all the places most of us lived during our youth … how Saigon has remained with us all for so many years.

    Check back often and be sure to post and leave comments about other peoples posts.

  • Ken

    Hello Randy and greetings from sunny (at least for the time being) Germany. I am assuming that you still remember Ken Yeager from ACS.

    Pleased to read that you are doing well and it sounds like you have a wonderful family – congratulations.

    Hope to see you in Saigon for the 09 reunion.

    Best regards and stay safe – Ken

  • RandySeely

    Hi,Ken! Of course I remember you! Over the years, I’ve perused my old ‘Gecko’ yearbooks, looking at the pix, and wondering ‘Wonder whatever happened to…!’ Looks like this blog is going to be a great source for many answers!

    Glad to hear you’re doing well!

    Regards! Randy

  • Admin

    Hey Randy … what years of the ‘Gecko’ do you have? I’m toying with the idea of tracking down ALL the copies (or as many as we can locate), converting to ‘digital’ eBook format, and making available to all Saigon Kids for instant download from our web site. I think most of us have ‘misplaced’ our copies of the Gecko over the years.

    How does everyone else feel about this idea?


  • Ken


    I have an 1962 copy of the Gecko and you are more than welcome to follow your suggestion. I already send a bunch of photos to Roy MacDonald and he uploaded many of them on the Saigon Kids site, including the high-school part of the Gecko. If I can help, let me know.


  • Randy Seely

    Bob: I have the ’62 and ’63 Geckos…neither’s in great shape, but each is as entertaining as the other! 🙂 Please let me know if…or how…I can help! Randy

  • Admin

    Randy and Ken … that is great!:)

    Let me put a piece about it in the Newsletter and a Blog post to see how many Saigon Kids would be interested in having copies available for download. If there is enough interest we can proceed forward. I think someone has a copy of the ’61, as a lot of pictures from it are on the original Saigon Kids Web Site (the one before the current one Roy is maintaining now).

    The old site is located here:

    Does the Gecko on it appear to be the same or different then the 62 & 63 year books? I think it is the 61 year book, as I departed Saigon in early 61, and doubt I’d be in it otherwise. Or, it could be the 60 year book … lol …

    Do either of you know what was the first year and last year the Gecko was published?

    Thanks for the feed back guys!

    Now if we could just get the other 15 people who Registered on the Blog out here talking too. LOL … Come on guys, turn on your charm and lure them out here … LOL 🙂


  • Admin

    Well……. that was a ‘no brainer’ … lol .. it says right at the top of the page it is ‘1961 Gecko’ … lol … I suppose it pays to ‘look and read’ before posting .. lol … duh!! 🙂


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