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How To Change or Update Your Email Address and Contact Information

If you change your email address or other contact information (such as resident address or telephone number), it is important you update this information on our Saigon Kids American Community School site and SaigonKids.com site. It is IMPORTANT for EVERYONE to keep their contact information CURRENT so you can contact each other.

Here are the places you need to update your information and how to do it:

1. The Saigon Gecko Newsletter:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Newsletter until you see

To Unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit
http://www.aweber.com/(followed by a long string of random letters)

Click on the link.

A new page will open.

Under *Subscriber Information* click on the link *(edit contact information)*.

A new page will open.

In the Email box enter your new email address.

Click the *Submit* button.

You’ll be taken back to the *Subscriber Information* page.

At the bottom of the page Click on *Return to Saigon Kids American Community School* link. Or just close your browser if you don’t want to visit the website.

The Newsletter will now be sent to your new email address.

2. Photo Gallery

If you have previously registered in the Photo Gallery you’ll need to update your information in it.

Go to the Photo Gallery by clicking on the link in the Menu area on the *left side* of this page.

Login to the Our Saigon Kids Photo Gallery.

Click on *My profile* button.

In the *Email* field – remove your old email address then enter your new email address.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click on *Apply changes* button.

Logout of Photo Gallery.

Close your browser.

3. SaigonKids.com – Alumni Directory

Scroll down to the bottom of the Left Side Menu area of this page to Saigon Kids Site.

Click *Alumni Directory*

You’ll be taken to SaigonKids.com *Login* page.

At the bottom of the page Click *Contact Us* link.

An Email Form will open to send an email to Roy.

Send an email to Roy with the contact information you want changed in the Alumni Directory (i.e. – resident address, telephone number, email address,etc.).

Upon receipt of your email, Roy will make the changes and notify you once they have been made.

Final note: It is IMPORTANT that each of YOU keep your contact information CURRENT and UP TO DATE so other Saigon Kids can keep in touch with you, and you continue to receive the Newsletters, etc. I’ve intentionally set things up on the site so YOU can easily update your information as it changes. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated by all Saigon Kids.


PS: A link to this page can be found under *Categories* on the Left Side Menu area of this page, should you need to refer to it in the future. Go to Categories, open the drop down menu and select *How To Update Your Contact Information*.

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