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How To Make Your Avatar and Gravatar

Some of you may have noticed whenever I leave Comments on the Blog a little picture of a Gecko shows up next to my Comment. Or, that recently Bruce added his ACS Class picture to show next to his Comments. And, if you visit many blogs on the Internet, you’ve probably noticed many of the people leaving Comments on blogs have pictures also, while others don’t.

So, what are these and how can I get one – you ask?

The little pictures are Avatars. You might say they are your personal icon. They can be created from any picture.

Now if you tie an Avatar to an email address it becomes a Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar).

Once you create and register your Gravatar it will follow you around the Internet and show up any place where you use the email address it is tied too.

Click Here to read the Wikipedia article to learn all the details about Gravatars.

You can create an unlimited number of Avatars and Gravatars. If you create more then one Gravatar you can use different ones at different places on the Internet. You can also have multiple pictures associated with the same email address so you can change from one picture to another anytime you want too.

For example, you could create a Gravatar to use on our Saigon Kids blog by using an email address with your ACS Class picture tied to it, as Bruce has done. Then every time you leave Comments on our blog it would show up (you have to enter the email address tied to your class picture when you leave your Comment. If you use another email address not tied to your class picture, your Gravatar will not show). Now say you were in the military during the Viet-nam War and you belong to a site about your old military unit. You can use a different email address and tie a picture to it which has to do with your old military unit, then use that email address on the military site.

Or, say you want to have several different pictures tied to your email address you use on our Saigon Kids blog so you can change the picture whenever you get the mood too. For example, you could have an ACS Class picture, a picture of a Ba Muoi Ba bottle, a picture of you as an ACS Cheerleader, a picture of your motor cycle in Saigon – then simply switch the picture around whenever you want too.

Yes, yes I hear you now thinking this sounds complicated, geeky and really techie – LOL – :).

Well, actually it is so simple a 6 year old can create a Gravatar (it might be questionable for 60 year olds tho – LOL).

So to make this EASY for you to learn how to create your very own personal Gravatar here is a video made by my friend Joey Smith that will show you step by step (in Plain English) how to create your Gravatar. Just follow the video and you’ll have your Gravatar in a few minutes …

NOTE: If the video is too small for you to see the details clearly go to *full screen* mode by clicking the Full Screen *Tab* located in the bottom right corner of the video player (2nd tab in from the left – 4 arrows). You can return here from Full Screen mode by hitting your *ESC* key on your keyboard.

Click Here to go make your Gravatar.

I hope you found this helpful. I’ll be posting another video in a few days that will show you sites where you can create cartoon and animated Gravatars, as well as, some other cool things.

Rock Onnnnn … Saigon Kids 🙂


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