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Idaho Saigon Kids Mini Reunion

Hi, everyone! Just a short note to let everyone know that my wife, Sandy, and I met Bobbie (Sheehan) Mauch and Jane Reiser for dinner Sunday night (February 1, 2009) – and had a fantastic time! I took my Gecko yearbooks … Jane took a shoebox of old family photos … and the 4 of us had a great time reminiscing about those wonderful days we were in Saigon (my wife wasn’t ever there, but she’s heard me talk about it enuf that I’m sure she feels like she was there :)

I hadn’t met Jane til Sunday … but Bobbie and I had gotten together a few years ago in Boise with our spouses. Jane lives and works in Boise … Bobbie, for those of you who didn’t know … is the Treasurer of Power County, Idaho (about a 5-hr drive from Boise). What a terrific time we had, throwing out names of SK’s and wondering where the heck a lot of them are today! The few hours we spent at dinner made us realize how impoortant it is to do it again someday (soon!). I’m emailing a picture to Bob who, hopefully, will post it along with this entry to let everyone know we all shared a wonderful evening of good food, laughs … and a renewing of friendships that’ll last for many years to come!

Best wishes to all! Randy

Idaho Mini Reunion
Left to right: Bobbie (seated), Jane, Sandy and Randy.

Idaho Mini Reunion
Left to right: Jane, Randy and Bobbie.

[Admin Note: Way to go Idaho Saigon Kids! Hopefully, this will start the ball rolling with other Saigon Kids who live near each other to start  getting together every now and then …   🙂

As the saying goes: “Just Do It!”  ]

2 comments to Idaho Saigon Kids Mini Reunion

  • Ken

    Great photos and so pleased you all got together. Sure wish I could be involved in meet up like that….No SKs in Germany that I know of. Randy and Bobbie – I probably wouldn’t know you if I passed you on the street but I sure recogonize who is who in the photo…nahhh you haven’t changed that much. But since I do know Bobbie, Hey, she looks great.


    • Admin

      Ken … I bet there are SKs in Germany … we just have not plugged into them yet … 🙂

      SKs are everywhere … all over the world … 1000s of them … but, I’m finding most were much younger then us old timers … lol … I just stumpled on a web site the other day of (a little girls stories and memories) from when the lady was in Saigon at ages 3 to 7 during the mid-50s.

      Then look at how Jane stumpled into Bobbie a few weeks ago and is now plugged into our group.

      What we need in my opinion is MORE … SPREADING OF THE WORD … by everyone in our Saigon Kids community. We have the Web Site, we have the Blog and we have the Newsletters. So, we have the ways and means for everyone to hook up and reconnect and STAY connected … that we didn’t have years ago. So, now all we need is everyone in the Saigon Kids community spreading the word … letting those that have not ‘connected’ know we are here and how to connect and stay connected. In my opinion, it does not matter if they attended ACS or not, as long as they lived in Saigon or Viet Nam during the 50s, 60s and 70s they are a Saigon Kid and welcome to our Saigon Kids community.

      Spread the word everyone … you never know who will turn up where or when … 🙂

      … stepping down from my Soap Box now … LOL 🙂


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