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JDP Housing Area Saigon

Submitted by Deyaun (Brown) Boudreaux

I lived in the JDP Housing Area. The golf course was on one side and Tan Son Nhat on the other.

There were two ways in: one by the golf course via Hai Ba Trung or by the route to the air port.

Our house faced the golf course.

It is all military property now.

Tan Son Nhat
Coordinates :
10.8189 N
106.6519 E

Names of JDP kids:

Ronnie William Terrell
Alvin Misker
Andrea? Harms
Christina Aleckson
Becky Reynolds
Rey Brown,Jr. (my brother)
Chickie and David Pettigtew

I will try to remember more.

I also lived in Ban Me Thout and Nha Trang.

N. Deyaun (Brown) Boudreaux (1957-1959)

11 comments to JDP Housing Area Saigon

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Deyaun,
    How exciting to hear news from you. I think of you often when I recall Saigon days. I remember some fun parties at the JDP compound, riding on the back of Ronnie’s motorcycle, but especially our friendship. Once I caught a glimpse of someone who looked like you at The Galleria in Houston, but “she” disappeared before I could verify if it was you. She had beautiful red hair like yours, and I have often wondered if you had made it to Texas, too.
    I would love to hear about your post-Saigon life. Hope you are well. Suellen

  • Al Misker

    Good to hear from you! That would be Sylvia Hall! She lived right next to us!
    You are correct on Andrea Harms! There was also a classmate there, first name Peter, do not remember his last name.

  • Deyaun Boudreauix

    Alvin and Suellen! I feel like we have time-traveled via “The Gecko!” Alvin, Peter is Pete Garcia, from Louisiana! Yes, I made it back to Texas finished UT Austin, and am still here!

  • Deyaun Boudreauix

    Suellen! I remember your wonderful birthday celebration in your home when your mother made us “Baked Alaska!” Unforgettable!

  • Al Misker

    Thanks for the info! Glad you’re still hanging out in Texas! Wasn’t your brother called “Sonny”? I have several pictures of him, along with several of the other JDP kids in front of our house!
    It’s damp here in TN, but we can’t hold a candle to what Texas has received!
    Does anyone remember Pat McKeown(sp.)? I have several pictures with him on his ‘cycle, but have not heard anyone mention him.

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Deyaun,
    So you are here in Texas??? What a small world. I would love to hear about your life if you would email me. I am sure my email address is here somewhere but I am not that savvy about emails on this site.
    I can’t believe I don’t remember something as special as the Baked Alaska, but Mom was always coming up with amazing culinary delights ie. she made a fantastic Buche de Noel. Mom was a great cook and I miss her and her culinary artisty and creativity.
    Is Peter Garcia in Louisiana? I did not know that. Last time I saw him was in Beaumont about 45 years ago when he was repairing Xerox machines.
    Hope you are well and happy. Hope to hear from you.

  • Mike McNally

    Re JDP housing, if any of the Saigon Kids have an opportunity, could you describe again the JDP housing area at Tan Son Nhut? For example, relationship to golf course and civilian air terminal. Also, single story? Space between houses? Driveways? Garages? Paved roads? What route did you take to go to the school, the baseball field, downtown Saigon, etc.?

    Thanks for the information.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    @ McNally,

    I lived on the JDP compound for a few months between 1964-65 after dropping out of prep school. Memories are a bit foggy but here goes.
    There were about 12-16 housing units on the compound with three roads. The units were staggered so that the houses to the rear of ours were to the right and left, not directly behind. The distance between the houses was probably a couple of hundred feet but I really don’t remember. The units were two level with a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a full bath (tub?) upstairs with a staircase leading down (or up, depending on the person). Under the living and dining rooms were a large cement floored carport for two cars (no garage). To the right of the carport was the front door with led directly to the staircase. Under the two bedrooms were rooms, probably originally intended as servant’s quarters. Our unit was modified so that the room under the front upstairs bedroom was turned into my bedroom with a door that led directly into the bottom of the stairwell and inside the front door. I think there was also a bathroom for servants and a rear room which was used either as a servant’s room or a laundry room….just don’t remember.
    I owned a motorcycle during my time there and remember leaving the compound and riding past the MACV HQ on my right, then past the airport civilian terminal, also on the right, heading in the direction of the American school. The old ball field would be to my left. At the intersection, I would go straight, over the Cong Ly bridge and straight on. Somewhere the street became a one-way road and I would pass the Presidential palace on my right.
    I think that answers your questions pretty much. Ken

  • Mike McNally

    Ken, thanks for the information. If you, or any of the Saigon Kids, runs across a photo of the JDP housing, just send it to me at mdrmmdrm at yahoo dot com. Thanks…Mike McNally

    • Mike – Bob has film footage that contains American Community School, the students, American’s attending church in Saigon, the Golf Course by JDP Compound, and JDP Compound houses. It’s a bunch of stuff all run together on the same film reel. It is on his list of films to edit for viewing on the site. He hopes to complete it soon.

      Stay tuned!

  • John Brendza

    My name is John Brendza. My father Lt. Col. Joseph Brendza was one of the military (Army) advisors stationed in Saigon from 1960-64. Our family (Mom-Marie, Brother-Bill, Sister-Bea and myself) joined our dad in early 1961. We attended the American Community School. Some of you might remember my brother Bill, he was in a wheel chair and had a good friend named John Tich who was always with him. Although I was young (2nd-4th grade) during the time in Saigon, I remember it well. We ended up leaving in late 1964, after having our home bombed for reasons associated with what my dad was doing as an advisor. I have some photos and documents from that time and an original copy of the school year book the Gecko. I think it was from 1963. Finding this site was the result of my 23 yar old son having recently traveled to Saigon and he went to a mueseum that apparently was at or near the location of the school. It was a total trip to find this site and I hope to continue to hear from others. Thanks and I hope to hear from others who shared this amazing experience. Take care.
    John Brendza

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